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GTA IV modding


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I still can't figure out how to mod. (I just got my own GTA IV the past few days, lol) but ive been using EFLC.

My question is, how do you mod? I tried my knowledge on modding from SA. (ENB)


I INSTALLED ENB for GTA IV, and used it, but the game flickers. I am using patch with razor crack.. is this wrong?


also.. i know that i've been toooooooo and waaaaaaaaaay so outdated on gta iv, so bear with me..


i also tried to install car mod packs, but the handling was wacky when i turn.. i dont get it.. "/


and yeah, Ultimate textures works well, I just can't make other mods work on my gta iv.



could you please help me?



i5 760 (stock)

HD5770 (overclocked)


500GB / 120GB HDD


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Illegally obtained copies are NOT supported. Discussion of cracks in any form is forbidden.



We do not support users using cracks. Buy the game.

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Even if you have a legit game copy, you've still posted in the wrong section.

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