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Home Invasion


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Hi everybody,


I have a problem about the mission called "Home Invasion". The matter is that every time i take a box, the camera move in a fast way or C.J. die for no reason. I'm not able to fix this problem. In the same way, i can't pass the burglery mission.


On the other hands, I had another little problem on "Sweet's girl" mission, during the cut scene, i can't see Sweet speaks on the phone with our character and i'm obliged to press any button to pass the cut scene otherwise nothing appened.



I play with the original DVD, original files, no cheat.

I have the 2.00 Version.

I already reinstalled my game but i always have the same problem.




Hope someone can help me.

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Usually the first step to take if the game played Ok before, and

you are using the Original DVD in the Drive, and your game has No Mods/cleoss, etc: is to delete the GTA_sa.set file.


Your Operating System is (Vista, Win7, XP)?

(Windows users: be sure to mention if you have XP or Vista, and which Service Pack you have)

Video/Graphics card type

how much Deditcated (or shared?) graphics memory


RAM (random access memory)


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I deleted the GTA_sa.set file and that seems to be ok right now. Thanks for your help, i appreciate.

Here it is some information concerning the Operating system:


Windows 7 Professionnal 32bits Service Pack 1

Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @2.67GHz

4,00Go RAM

Geforce 8800 GT

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