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Gregory's Two Lives.


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Hi everyone! This topic is about my first DYOM mission series called "Gregory's Two Lives".


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1995 year, Mexico. Gregory Ramirez, who wanted to become a bandit from the childhood, makes a deal with the leader of MS-13 gang, Paco Munios. Paco accepts the deal and makes Gregory a member of his gang.


2 years passed... Mexico. Gregory calls a meet with Paco near his house on MS-13 gang turf. Gregory tells Paco that he wants to live a normal life, he's tired from the bandit's life and all. Paco doesn't like this, so he tells his guards to kill Gregory. Luckily, he survives this.


3 more years passed... Mexico. Gregory receives a call from his brother, Juan, who tells that he has some problems in Los Santos, San Andreas, and he needs Gregory's help to solve those problems. Gregory accepts and gets ready for journey.


3 days of journey passed. Los Santos, San Andreas...


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Chapter 1


Gregory Ramirez-Protagonist. 25 years. Lived in Mexico, then moved to his brother in Los Santos.


Juan Ramirez-Gregory's brother. 27 years. Lived in Los Santos, but moved into Liberty City after some time.


Max Gimbez-Gregory and Juan's boss, leader of the "Ghosts of Streets" gang. 35 years.


Shawn Willis-Max's bodyguard. Owns an underground gun shop under "Ghost of Streets"'s protection. 40 years.


Alexis Mendez-Max's right hand. Gang's Guerillas Commander. 28 years.


Alice Smith-Gregory's girl, likes to rest in clubs. 20 years.


NOTE: The listed characters are already having a place in storyline.


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MS-13-Mexican gang, plays a little role in this story. The only thing that is known about this gang is that its leader is Paco.


Ghosts of Streets-The gang lead by Max, Shawn and Alexis. Gregory helps this gang in chapters 1 and 2. The leader is Max, sub-leaders are Shawn and Alexis.


Wild Streets-Street gang lead by Sean Micheal and Lance Dawson. They are having a war with Ghosts of Streets. The leader is Sean, sub-leader is Lance.


user posted image


Chapter 1: Los Santos coming


Progress: 71,4% ready (10 missions from 14)


Download link: No yet.


Missions list:


1). Introduction


The beginning of the mission pack

Reward: Juan's missions are available

Boss: N/A

Mission trigger/available after: 0/Intro


2). New city, new meetings


Juan introduces Gregory to his boss

Reward: Max's missions are available

Boss: Juan Ramirez

Mission trigger/available after: 1/0


3). The first job


Max needs some of Gregory's help

Reward: 500$, Respect+

Boss: Max Gimbez

Mission trigger/available after: 2/1


4).Money or your leg


Max wants Gregory to punish a man who owes him

Reward: 250$, Respect+

Boss: Max Gimbez

Mission trigger/available after: 3/2


5).Can you hold a gun?


Gregory must prove to Max that he can hold a gun

Reward: Pistol, Respect+, Shaun's ammunation available

Boss: Max

Mission trigger/available after: 4/3




Max wants Gregory tp sell 2 kilos of cocaine.

Boss: Max

Reward: 500$, Respect+.

Mission trigger/available after: 5/4




After you sale drugs the cops find you, you must shake them in a pursuit.

Boss: Max

Reward: 0$, Safe house is available

Mission trigger/available after: 6/5


8).Love's coming without calling


Go to club on rap battle and relax

Boss: N/A

Reward: 0$, Alice missions Available

Mission trigger/available after: 7/6


9).Firsy Drive-By


Perform a Drive-by on "Wild Streets"

Boss: Max

Reward: 800$,Respect++,Tech-9 is available, You Join the "Ghost Of Streets" gang

Mission trigger/available after: 8/7


10).Burn, sucka, burn


Go to the "Wild Streets" narcobrothel and burn the place down

Boss: Max

Reward: 1000$, Respect+

Mission trigger/available after: 9/8




Special thanks to:

SatournFan, who helped me to make some of missions

Arsen Vitiuk, who helped me with my broken English

UNRATED69, who created graphics for the topic.


DYOM v6.1 is required to play these mission series

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Much better than I expected! Good Luck with this Dimnast! I'll surely try this when it's done! icon14.gif

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Dude! That's crazy, my name Juan Ramirez is there wow.gif ! My name is Juan Carlos Torres Ramirez....how crazy....great storyline btw. icon14.gif

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