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How does the garage work?


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To use this garage you need to receive message from Stevie with car he wants, then you need to find this exact car and bring it there. After parking in the garage you will get sum of money based on condition of car you brought.

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The Garage is Brucie's friend Stevies. After you unlock all three boroughs( Alderney, Algonquin, and , Bohan) You'll receive a phone call from Brucie saying that his friend Stevie needs a few cars stolen. Stevie will then text message you the photo and location of the first car. Once you've found the car, you can take it to his garage in Bohan and you'll get a sum of money based on it's condition. Stevie will keep asking you for cars until all 30 of them have been delivered. After you deliver all 30 cars you have the ability to take any cars that you find and bring then to that garage in Bohan for money.


Take note that unlike Brucie there is no GPS waypoint for the locations of each vehicles so you'll have to search the area of the street that stevie metioned in the text.

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