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Save a noob the heartache


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Hello good people,


So after a few years since finishing GTA IV on the XBox, I decided to get it for the mods on my new top of the pile PC.


Ive tried different mods here and there but theyre all erroring and stopping me from enjoying the game.


I have, v1.0.4.0 (should i go to

I also have Better City Textures


Heres what i would like from you, if you would be so kind:


A link to a top graphics mod (icenhacer?)

A car pack that actually works with whichever version you recommend and with the other mods you recommend!

and a trainer that works with the other mods and versions as recommended by you lot.

A mod to get a autoshop like lilmcsheffreys (or whateva this mod was called)


I think theres lots of compatibility issues.


Ive searched around this site for days looking for a good combination but i keep getting errors and ive reinstalled about 9 times.

If someone could be so kind as to reply with a method and links to install the mods that would be great.

ATM im gettin CTD after loading screens, I finally get a car pack to work but the trainer wont, the lilmcsherffreys car place wont load etc etc.


Not only would this be help to me, but any noob coming on this board would have somewhere to go to start off their modding experience, because lets face it, mods are why PCs are the best!


Thanks for everything you can do!

All help is appreciated on behalf of all the noobs that will come here.




P.S Excuse my bad English im a little pissed (thats drunk not angry)





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Moved to IV Other.


Please post modding questions in the modding forums, from next time onwards.

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For cool stuff and links you can search for our own. Try ENB mod which fits your taste (best: make your own config) if you have a powerful machine (minimum: good quad cpu/gtx460 or similar).

Modding GTA IV is time intensive and you´ll get various and strange errors. For modding patch has been stated to be best. If you don´t play the episodes I would recommend

not to go higher than patch (patch 5). The newer the patch, the more it will stress you cause modding is circumscribed more and more by r*.


About that error stuff: Is your game moddable? GTA IV is not moddable from the beginning. I am used to take a different filelist.pak file to bypass the anti mod barrier.


Btw: You are no noob (noob = asshole), you´re a newb (newb = new guy who is willing to learn). wink.gif

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