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Multiplayer Tips 'n' Tricks


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Welcome to the topic full of wonderful information. biggrin.gif


GTA IV era Multiplayer Tips 'N' Tricks



Starting Tips:


- If playing on console and your a old GTA fan you may be better of switching from 'Standard' controls to 'Classic' for a more old school feel.





Basic Tips:


- If playing online in a Free Mode and you intend on having a relaxed time, avoid other players and keep to yourself this does not guarantee you safety but it does however increase it.





Advanced Tips:


- Will be added after tips have been verified.





Weapon Tips:


- Use a little common sense, pistols are unable to shoot the same distance as an Assault Rifle.


- Shotguns scatter, meaning they fire several fragments with each round fired, the move fragments that hit your target the more damage, the further the range between you and your target means the fragments have more space to scatter.


- Explosives have a similar effect to the shotgun but they have what's called 'splash' damage.

Meaning that the direct impact of explosion does 100 damage but the area surrounding with a few feet does only approx 75 damage and it decreases as the target furthers from the explosives center of detonation.


- The Sniper Rifles are programmed so if you can see your target and there are no objects between you two, you will be able to hit them with a well lined shot.







IF YOU HAVE TIPS or TRICKS, Message them to me and I will list them on this post and credit WILL be given to you.

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sorry didnt mean to be a flamer or anything, just if you've joined and you havent read it then you should.

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Oh right,


I forgot about the Urban Guide...


Ha ha,


Some one close this for me.



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