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CLEO Mod Making Help

Illusive Prime

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Illusive Prime

Hi All


I want to learn to mod VC and SA.


But what i'm wondering how to make a mod, like if i ant to make a little mod were a car full of guards with heavy guns and a indestructable car following me.


And how to make the text(s).


Please help.


For example;


Black Sentinel totaly indectructable,fire,dent,bullet and such.

On a mission in VC theres black Admirals that have strange suspention when you turn and brake.


So yeah, how do make a CLEO mod like that?


Controls: So how do i set a code to activeate the mod?


Text: How do i make a ingame text file to add in the Text file in the CLEO_Text folder?

At the left side of the text document there's like code(s).

What is it?

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Post deleted. - Adler

You've just hijacked someones topic to request something, there is already a topic for requests found Here

Edited by Adler
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