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Illusive Prime

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Illusive Prime

2 weeks a go i finally got CLEO to put on my game! :-) So i can try out Dutchys DYOM mod.


I had a lot of time on it and understand it a little now.

There's some stuff i need help to understand:


Like when i add a car to the mission (part of the objective), when i get out it doesn't say anything like

"Get back in the car/truck!"

How do i put somthing like that on?


And like when i add a actor that is important to the mission like say.... Ceaser.


When i lose hime or kill him, it doesn't disply like "Ceaser is dead!" or "You lost Ceaser!"


And when i want to do a drive-by how do i make my character get in a passenger seat and let A.I drive to the place i send it coordenates and for example chase a enemy car?


And when i downloaded some DYOM files some missions had random helicopters that can fire rockets.


When i make missions i put a say for example like Hunter to protect me, he doesn't even fire the mini-guns or rockets at the attacking pursures.

How can i command the heli-pilot to fire at attackers?


I'm sorta new to the DYOM mod and don't know what features are on and not.


P.S Any chance of a DYOM for Vice City and/or another version of DYOM for San Andreas?

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This is one reason i prefer to code/script the missions myself in sanny builder, but i guess DYOM is for people who dont want to spend the time and effort on every detail.


Would this help? How to become a successful DYOM designer


Dont be offended im not hinting to you that your bad at using DYOM i was providing help

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