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Checking the car features


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Hey. I am trying to improve Save Car mod. I don't know much about coding in Sanny Builder, but I've got some experience of making programs. I believe I can improve this mod, but I don't know many commands in this language. Could you tell me how I can check the car features? Something like:


- type of vehicle (emergency, sport, special etc.)

- car color

- car parts

- nitrous


I'd like to know wheter the car I drive and I'm trying to save has got nitro etc.

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For car colors, use this opcode:



03F3: get_car $1867 primary_color_to 90@ secondary_color_to 91@ 




And I'm pretty sure that type of vehicle is impossible to check... Someone who knows about that could improve my answer smile.gif


For car parts, not sure how.


But for nitrous, use this:



0A97: 1@ = car $MyCar struct1@ += 0x48A0A8D: 1@ = read_memory 1@ size 1 virtual_protect 0



If 1@ is 0, then the car has no nitrous. If 1@ if 9 or 10, car has nitrous.


Hope this helped you smile.gif

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