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EFLC-Not installing


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When I open EFLC;



msn and I enter the password;




turns off when I press okay.When I launch analysis;



I say yes is the initial error sneaky2.gif


Launch.exe to the right clicked.Sp3 thirds chose.But the game does not turn on when I live, I can not log. sneaky2.gif


And Xlive.dll .Live 'I tried to update.There was no Xlive.dll. I tried to update to GFWLive.





delete and re-installed the game still gives the same errors. sneaky2.gif

NOTE:My game is original.

Help please. dozingoff.gif

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Go to Control Panel -> Users Account and Family Safety -> User Accounts and under your account user name, there should be a word that is either Standard or Adminstrator. Tell us whether you are a Standard User or Admistrator

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