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Unidentified Flying Orb


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Since this band is so highly under-rated and as British, out of London in 1969 scene, a founding force in hard rock. Thought to re-vision a newer topic for them. The band is still creating new music after several line-up shifts. The most notable being the hiring of Michael Schenker as song writer and guitarist at the young age of 15. He's a prodigy and one of the best guitarists on the planet


UFO continues to forge ahead after a split with Schenker and subsequent reunions thanks to Mike Varney's influential hand.




One of those first tracks in 1974 with Schenker




Most famously, Live in 1979, Strangers in the Night highly regarded live recording, was re-released in corrected set order with missing audio!




Schenker in recent touring years, acoustic renditions of his most notable instrumentals




Electric Phase is what they do so damn well!



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Rocky Monroe

Oh hell yeah! UFO was a way underrated band. To be honest, they should be gettin' some of the cred that Led Zeppelin gets, because after all they we're both (re)inventing rock and metal music back in the 70's. And they still sound just as good today as they did in the 70's, even though Michael Schenker is no longer with them.




The band performing in the video is not UFO but Michael Schenker's own band performing a song he wrote for UFO, Lipstick Traces. It's amazing, considering he wrote it in 1974. And the rumor says that he recorded the album version of the song playing the guitar with his feet! smile.gif


Oh and BTW, my band does an awesome cover of Lights Out. I might post it on here sometime.

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Ah U.F.O.


Schenkers last live recording, of the old (real) band. Strangers in the Night. One of the greatest live records of all time, and when it comes to rock, live records are where its at....



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Rock Bottom is their Stairway to Heaven one could say, obviously posted twice. We should discuss various members and projects associated. One of the biggest is Michael Schenker Group and Waysted, where Pete Way and Michael Schenker decided that outside UFO they could express some musical ideas that were hampered, Ultimately all the bands rock with total disregard for musical trending and market, Rock is what drives the musicians and it's honest music that shoots from the hip


UFO and or MSG should be in a GTA game, it wouldn't be too hard to get a license I would think. It's just such high-spirited stuff, Even what Pete Way had once called "elevator music" During the early 1980s, was not deemed that bad by fans. The music morphed a bit with saxophone and keyboards, but the basis was always credible rock song writing




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