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Mansion Mod for Niko


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It is not possible to do so as the game itself does it, though I am going to attempt a work around to do such a thing.


For those interested, What I plan on doing is allowing the player to buy a house, which will save a value to a file. A script will read that file and see if the house is bought, and if it is, will allow you to go there, press a button, and save the game. If you save there, it will add another value to the file, and the script would then teleport you to this location when you load in the game.


I can't start work on it just yet, though I will get to it most likely late next week after the holidays.


Has anyone created the above script or something like it as "Gokaic" mentioned above ?


I cannot find it anywhere.


Please help



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Also would anyone mind making me a small script? Basically the houses in Westdyke have garages that open and when i store my cars in the garages, the garage doors wont close. Would anyone mind making a small script to make the garage doors close when vehicles are inside them so I can suprise my friends when they see my cars?


btw im using vehicle selector so my cars do not disappear biggrin.gif


Thank you very much everyone

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