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Error when installing


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Whenever I try to download the game, it gets stuck at about 70% and tells me that the file "audio/STREAMS/AMBIENT" is missing.


Fair enough, when I opened the files with WinRar, the "AMBIENT" is missing in the "STREAMS" file of "audio".


I've been going all over the place trying to find the file so I can get the file and put it back where it belongs, but it seems it's nowhere to be found by anyone.


I'm on a laptop, using Windows Vista Home Premium.

The game is a torrent, because it's V1.

It used to work, but then it stopped working after I did something to a savefile on accident, forcing me to reinstall the game.


Please help D:

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If you buy the game you will get all the files. Stolen Games generally don't have all the files to make the download quicker.


Where to (Buy) Download:

Direct2Drive.com (for PC and MAC)



Rockstar Warehouse for boxed games:

Rockstar Site

Also generally available at on-line sites… Amazon.com (I got a replacement copy for 10.00$US) and,




and their dot coms, etc.

If you’re lucky some local Pawn shops Swap meets/Flea Markets (But, beware of Pirated games. The Game comes on a single DVD not CD’s

A Note for potential Modders:

Modding is easy with Version 1 games (Hard to find).

Not so easy unless you work at it with Version 2 games DVD Disc. (Currently available).

Version 3 games are Not able to be Modded. (Downloads).


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