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Please help?


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Hello people!


I have recently installed the iCEenhancer 1.2.5 (then uninstalled) and now installed Stunning Graphics IV!


Both mods were great biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif !


My computer can play Crysis 2 (reference) on max settings, but on GTA IV mods, after playing for 10 mins, my computer would automatically turn off....and this never happened in any other game?


PC Specs ( not sure what to put here) :


Intel Core i7 920

Radeon HD 4850

1600 core speed...


so, can anyone tell me why my CPU would shutdown?


(Please let me know if you need more info)



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good luck getting help here, ppl here are ass clowns who have huge egos and love to flame for no reason but what your problem sounds like is overheating since gta iv is a very cpu intensive game and running all those mods your cpu has to work alot harder than running gta iv stock. personally i run a intel c2q q8400 oc'd to 3.8 ghz with out any issues but i also have water cooling and plenty of airflow. try better cooling on your cpu or playing without graphics mods. also its a good idea to see what your cpu tems are generally at a high load with prime 95 or some other cpu stress test. anyways good luck an hopefully your able to figure out whats exactly wrong although it sounds like overheating to me XD

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