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[Q] Tweak the default driving camera angle?

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Been searching a bit today and found various camera mods for fixed position and other things, but I can't figure out how to make one tiny change that would drastically improve driving/gameplay for me. biggrin.gif


I simply want to take the normal outside driving view and have it look downward a bit more...but change NOTHING else. I could not attain this with other mods without breaking in-car shooting or free-looking. Here's two screenshots explaining.


Normal view:

user posted image


View I would love:

user posted image


FWIW, I've trained myself over the years to hold the right analog stick slightly downward to achieve this manually but now that I'm modding my game I was hoping there was a simple file to change or something to have this stick permanently. Thanks in advance!


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Good place to start looking (i think) is in the vehOff.csv file in common\data folder.



VEHICLE admiral FIELD CINEY_WHEEL_2 POS 1.182246 -1.940674 -0.222046 ANGLES -0.026824 0.325478 0.030861 FOV 55.000000



I do believe the last value of 55.000000 is the DOF FOV code and the first values are the position of the camera. I could be wrong. Something to try in the interim. Make sure you back up the file XD icon14.gif

Edited by PacketOVerload_x64Bit

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Thanks for the quick response! I tried changing all the values of that line just to see what would happen and I couldn't notice any changes in any of the three external camera views. I even tried changing the FOV. I guess that means it's likely another line somewhere in that .CSV file that controls the view?


Appreciate the help once again!

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Well I've been toying around with hundreds of numbers and can't seem to get it to change at all...so I feel like I'm in the wrong file/place altogether. Anyone else with any insight?


Appreciated! colgate.gif

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Sorry to bump this again but after a few weeks I have my GTA modded like crazy with everything I've always wanted but I still just can't figure this out. If I could just find out which value or values do it I'd be happy to tweak it and trial and error it myself.


I guess if no one knows I'll have to live without it!

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muh linucs

I don't fully understand what the OP is asking, but my pet peeve with all Renderware GTA games has been too low camera angle when driving, I essentially drive with the camera pulled up during critical missions. The low height impairs visibility a lot.






around optimal:



Edited by muh linucs

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