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My friends


A beautiful day it was Sunday 16th July 2011, when a wandering soul as myself headed to work the first few hours were blissful truly all good moments must come to their demise, only to pace the way for more.


Then an old friend known to us all, Dusk was approaching and with him do come many interesting individuals of whom I will not speak of.


While completing my duties unto my suprisement my eyes lifted and gazed upon

a beautiful vehicle of which I can't exactly figure the name of due to my lack of interest in cars but maybe a dark blue escalade ( GTA IV car SUV) or of some sort.


To my suprise three normaly dressed men emerged from the tinted blue wonder as they approached the front counter each holding black binders and one of whom had a suit case. I then asked for sopme source of I.D as I am required to do, two of the men showed theirs and were approved but one seemed to be nervous as he rustled his pockets in search for something... assuming he misplaced his I.D.


So as I waited for his I.D to be found he friends went to their destination, the man did something that suprised me he made a 180 degree turn so his back was facing me and began to go through his binder as he was quickly flipping through pages assuming he left his I.D in their he dropped a paper which to me appeared to be art work which consisted of a logo and many other drawings and on that V a nice scenery was present like that of Red dead redemption with a few but there were planes in the sky, enlisted men in Army tank while in other boxes there were casinos and palm trees.


Quickly noticing he dropped it he picked up his paper and immediently walked back to his vehicle and conceiled himself behind tinted windows, after fine minutes or so he emerged once again calmy showed me his this time I paid more attention to the card rather than just the face with making it the least obvious as possible, nothing out of the ordinary was there.


All it told me really was that he and i'm assuming the others are from California area.


Thank you for taking the time to read my tale.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my tale.

and thank you for wasting our time with this crap.



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