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Disappearing textures


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Please I need help,i just installed gta iv on my new p.c,i started playing and couldn't see any thing, i searched and found a commandline to use


renderquality 0 -shadowdensity 0 -texturequality 0 -viewdistance 0 -detailquality 0 -novblank -norestrictions -safemode -availablevidmem 2 -percentvidmem 100 -minspecaudio -novsync -renderquality 0 -frameLimit 0 -memrestrict


it helped a bit, i can now see some textures but as i move forward or turn backwards there gone and appear slowly back,also sometimes the cars float instead of staying on the road but screech marks are shown if i turn abruptly.


pls is there anything i can do to fix this


i wanted to used systweak untill i found out its for people with unsupported ram, so what do i do its just my integrated intel graphics that doesnt meet the minimum requirements, but im sure there is a fix somewhere


Fixes tried

patch 4, Result: Error something, upgrade directx or display driver, i did that but error still came up so i reinstalled

Commandline above, Result: Minor change but good success


i currently have version 1 gta iv

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No, Intel Integrated Graphics don't work on GTA 4. Its just too weak for any fix to help

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