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Whats the point in posting for help here rofl.....


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I know this forum is fail for finding any assistance with any mods even though its supposed to be the biggest mod forum around for gta games.

Anyways I'm working on some vehicle sound mods for GTA IV and was wondering if anyone has been able to replicate any realistic sounding cars in game. I came somewhat close with 4cylinder cars (Blista and Futo) when idle but the transmission and engine sound drained out the exhaust at higher rev even though the high rev volume was turned down a bit. So my question is when you change sounds in a specific car class sound file, is that sound file mixed with another in say resident.rpf from streamed_vehicles.rpf or are the sounds read from that one specific file? Example: rally_racer.ivaud in streamed_vehicles.rpf for sultan rs also uses dump_valve.ivaud from resident.rpf. So does anyone know if futo and blista reads from 4_CYLINDER_SPORT.ivaud and some other sound files?

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I've yet to really get into modding vehicle sounds. I did how ever find a list of engine sounds and the vehicles that used them. If I'm not mistaken I found them on the Zmodelers forum, try snooping around there and see if you can't dig some information up.


Also "I know this forum is fail for finding any assistance"


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