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LAN Game - A connection to the network is not avbl


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Hey, me and my friend wanted to play GTA IV on hamachi recently.... my game was fine andable to create a LAN game.

The problem is in his game... when he try to join or connect or whatever ( he goes to phone > multiplayer > LAN ) it says : " A connection to the network is not available "


GFW - Live is installed


RSG SC - is also installed


We both have the 1.0.4 patch.

Singleplayer is working.

Game allowed in firewall.

Hamachi connected.

Internet Cable plugged in.

Internet working...

WTF?! O_o


So if anyone could help us out please..

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Are both of you using the same operating systems as I know if one is using XP and the other is using Windows 7 you will encounter problems

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Hamachi network is not a supported method to play GTAIV muliplayer hence you will probably have to look for help elsewhere.

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