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How can I create parked cars / car spawns in IV?


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I'm tired of da' 5-0 stealing my cars and I'm tired of losing unique vehicles cause the game crashes or I die right after auto-save >:( How can I make cars that spawn every time in a specific place (with specific parts and colors)? I'm expecting it to be somewhat mind f*cking compared to SA...

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just enter a specific coordinates to function, wich will spawn vehicles...make your function, something like this for:


void CustomFiberThread::SpawnCar(eModel model, f32 x, f32 y, f32 z){RequestModel(model);while(!HasModelLoaded(model)){ Wait(0);}Ped ped = GetPlayerPed();Vehicle vehicle;CreateCar(model, x, y, z, &vehicle, true);MarkModelAsNoLongerNeeded(model);}


A then it script run this:


SpawnCar(MODEL_ADMIRAL, 1926.61f, 1684.16f, 13.01f);


Just add your own parameters...first is model of vehicle, second is place fro spawn on X, third is Y and fourth is Z

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Ok simple enough, what about the car parts?


EDIT: Simple enough my ass... what do I do with that lol?

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