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Performance help!


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Well first off here are my specs:


AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.20 ghz


AMD Raedon HD 6450


4 gigs of ram


When i first started playing i got 14 to 20 fps, and i did some tweaks with commandline, contig, my graphics card control panel, fps limiter and lowered everything and got it up to 30 to 40 and sometimes even came down to 20, but it lags a good bit.


I know my GPU isnt that good and i need to upgrade my GPU and CPU, but until then, does anyone know if theres a mod to get graphics like Gta San Andreas or some other Ultra Low Texture mod?


I really want to get this playing pretty well until I upgrade my pc, but im not sure when that will be.


So please help me out, ive been wanting a pc to play this for a long time, but ive been playing Gta 4 on console for 3 years and recenly switched to pc so im not new to it. I just want to get it working well until i upgrade my pc. Just want to make the best of what i have until then.


Thanks so much in advance! smile.gif



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Is there a way to get SA graphics in 4


In your dreams dude. Modifying that much of the game is probably going to break the EULA, and I don't think any modder has the time to replace vehicles, textures in game, the physics engine, etc just because one person asked. If you want San Andreas performance, then go and play San Andreas


Have you downloaded and installed this update from AMD?



Your using a HPTC level graphics card, so your performance actually seems pretty standard for this game

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Hey sorry guys, i haVent been on here for a couple days. But thanks a lot. I got my Gta 4 up to 30 to 60 fps now. I REALLY appriciate the help.


And YankeesPwnMets, i didnt mean the physics engine, cause thats the best part about Gta 4. But anyways, thanks again for the help. [:

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Which fix was helped you?

All of the links except Ultimate Graphics Tweak.


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