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this upgrade will be based on a red and blue team thats all this is about being a part of the red or blue team

theres a map but no signal were police are one where people are,



it will start with a lobby you can pick what you want to do.

the area you auto swan in will by what team you pick/get thrown in.

both teams will have two blocks/projects/flats/apartments "what ever you want to call it" to load in after dieing or starting the game.



your online player will be coutomizeable.

you will have an acount wich you can coustomize with the money you win through games,

you will have 3 car slots for cars you buy and fix up, cars are dedicated to that acount,

it will go were ever the acount goes,

no one can rob your car unless your in it or you never turned the engine off. becasue i dont want to see someone in my car like its there when its not.

once you join a game your car will be in your teams car park/ parking lot.

you car will never be moved out till you move it, and untill it has been blow it up it will reswarn there in five mins,




the police and swat on this will only be on theses game modes,

these areas are dangerous so thay come in big cars if its a street fight,

for chases will be the faster cars, and street curisers will be normaly cruseing around,

2 head shots of the swat team will kill you, or 5 in the body to kill you it take 4 shows to kill swat,

5 shot kill to both body parts of a normal police officer and 3 shots to kill the police man,

if you have robed another players car the police will chase you when you get seen and the longer you are chased for the more police come out,

once arested you will get a £10 fine,

the only way to lose them is with skillfull driveing and clever thinking,



robbing cars

shooting guns

street raceing/optional to put this on or off

street fighting


spray painting

drunk driveing

vandaliseing things,





in all game modes police is optional,

it will start with a lobby you can pick what you want to do.

when you enter these game modes you will have a auto bandana colour depending on what team your put in,

wich will be ithere red or blue

on all game modes will have quit when you press start but depending on what activity will depend on when you can quit,

you can also invite frends into your team all the way throught the games,


---FREE mode will have everything and is free, you can run round n do anything you want basicly, kit up cars, go on the mini games aka gang activitys with who evers in that game lobby with you,

this will have an easy quit you will just press start look for quit and quit.

the area for this is the hole or the part of the map that you or the crater choses this game.

you can fight and blow up things and max amount people in this game will be 20,

it can be every man for him self or teams if you have frends online invite them you will still be reds or blues,

cars are still found at your gangs car park,


gang activity will be,

spray painting where you spray reds/blues on as meny walls as you can in 15 mins wile geting shot at and shooting back,

drunk driveing race is where thay drive in drunk mode,

street raceing is a basic street race were you can put police on or off to make it more intence,

bumper cars is were you can smash as meny cars as you can in 3 mins,

street can shooting is were you have to shoot cans down with a hand gun with 2 bullets,

drug dealing is where you watch over drug deals,

drive by is where you shot as meny of the other gang as you can in one run,

gang wars 10 on 10 wich you have anywepon of choice any area and you fight till your team or the one your fighting is down ,

bowing is basic bowling,

domino is on a table were you play domino,

darts is darts,

vandaliseing things is where you smash up the oppiste teams or the polices cars and geting away before a serten lenth of time,

each game you win you gain £10 each game you lose £10,

you can pick when your in the parking lot/car park



---BAT AND NIFE mode is the same as all the otheres but the only wepons you can use are a bats and nifes,

3 stabs and there down 3 waks n there out,

if you get stabed twise you can find health that will take away 1 stab/bat somewere aound the map.

the area for this activity will be where ever the creator picks,

to leave the game is easy you can wait till the times up or you can leave by looking for quit in the start menu and leave.


---FIST FIGHT mode is on the top of a random flat, wich the red and blue teams fight on this comes with jump in,

where you can join in with your gang members on one of the oppoiste team members and kick them to death wile there surounded by your team,

but if one of the oppiste team mebers pull you off them, you will have to fight them, if you lose that fight you lose £50 and if you win you win £100.

when you die you can pick agen to join in with the fighting or you can stand out and watch wile placeing bet but thats £50 just to watch,

there is no limit on the amount you bet,

and you never quit wile in a match or bet, you will have to die/win or lose, and the options menu come up saying quit, bet, or fight and you pick one,


---SHOT GUNS, HAND GUNS AND SMG'S mode is a game where you have a shot gun or hand gun or smg of ur choice,

from a hand gun it will take 2 shots and the one bing shot will go down or 3 shots if there all in there legs,

shot gun is 4 shot kill but its long range it will be 4 shots,

smg will take 5 shots to kill and 5 in the legs to kill,

the hand/shot gun you start with has ten bullets, but 20 for smgs, the only way to get more bullets is to kill someone and you will gain another ten bullets,

if your team takes out the other team with less than 1 death you get happy mode for 30 seconds and you have to shoot as much people as u can each player gets £50 for reacheing this mode

and for each kill in happy mode thay get £40.

to leave the game you can wait till the times up or you can leave by looking for quit in the start menu and leave.


---RANSOM MODE. if your team robs a van you can throw someone from the oppist team in the back and you can hold them for ransom,

aslong as you dont damage the car too bad wile being chased by police,

wile one team member is driveing there will be another shooting from passanger the other 2 will have the hostage in the back,

you have to keep up with the button pattern by pressing the buttons that come up on screen and if its succsessful you get up to £100 each depending on the level,

if its not depending on how if fails say if you crash everyone in the van loses £100 each,

if you dont keep up with the buttons and the hostage gets away you wont get anymoney and you have to lose the chase.



one team is deffending there place wile the other attack and try and reach the to top of the block,

there will be no reswaning if thay kill of your team thay get £50 of your money and if there team die your team mebers that lasted £50 there money and a chance to there place,

when you join you will start off defending and if you pass you keep attacking till you lose then your back to defending the longer you keep up wining the more money you make.

between each game wile conecting up to you oppnet you can leave or you can stay you will have a choice.

in this you can youse any wepon of choice.



each car will be based on the true standard of the car,

you have three slots for cars to kit up after being baught,

to open up a new slot will meen you need to kit it up,

every car will be 5 grand and 2 grand for bikes,

kiting up the car costs for each car will be difrent depending on what type of cars and how you do it,

the cars the random peds use all the normal game cars,

police will chase you if its someone elces baught car,



humer; h1,h2,h3,

lamborghini reventon, lamborghini aventador,

cheverlot tahoe,

mercedes s65 amg,




humer; h1,h2,h3,

rang rover, range rover sport,

bmw m5 e60, bmw 5 series 525i, bmw 3 series, bmw m3 gts, bmw 7 series,

bentley continetal, bentley brooklands


cheverlot tahoe,

ford focus, ford mondeo, ford gt, ford van,

chevy caprise,

rolls royce phantom, rolls royce drop head, rolls royce gost,

lamborghini reventon, lamborghini aventador,

toyota supra,

mercedes benz ml63 amg, mercedes s65 amg, merceds g500/ g class,

audi q, audi a6, audi a6, audi s5,

vw golf,

nissan sky line,

renult golf,

porsche boxer, porche gt, porche 911 convertable,

farrari f50, farrari f 60, farrari f430



ducati 1198,

sanchez, KTM 990

Super Duke R,

yamah ninja,

moter scooter,

hyabusa, yamaha r6,

yamah r1,

bmx bike,

moutain bike,



apache tomahawk,

raptor 700, raptor 700 special edition,

ktm quad,

4 seater dune buggie gk250,

one seater go cart,


take opinions for a few more things to to put in,

on most items there will be a mode where you can kit up your car/bike/quads,

wich meens you can put nitro and turbos other things into them with the money you have of killing people,

you will have a online garage were you can get in to any vehicle you have baught wich will follow you all the way on and of line,




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