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Recommended Posts

ikt, thanks for newest version of your mod, it works perfectly now.


Thing, which I am satisfied is that I have no more missing textures with 576mb vehicles.img and many other high quality mods. The only problem are lags, but that's not caused by TrafficLoad, but my low-end spec.



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I installed this Car Mod (http://www.gta4-mods.com/vehicles/ultimate-hd-car-pack-2012-v12-f13592), TrafficLoad and ScriptHook for my GTAIV version (steam, But somehow i only see two car models, taxi and some SUV.

This is what i found in ScriptHook log

Log start: Sun Aug 17 20:20:31 2014-----------------------------------------------[iNFO] GTA IV Script Hook 0.5.1 - © 2009, Aru - Initialized[iNFO] Process base address: 0x11e0000[iNFO] Auto detecting game version[iNFO] Using game version 1.0.7[iNFO] (ELS) Script started: V6-R1.13-091110[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 0, ADMIRAL off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 1, AIRTUG off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 2, AMBULANCE active - els_cmid 1.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 3, BANSHEE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 4, BENSON off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 5, BIFF off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 6, BLISTA off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 7, BOBCAT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 8, BOXVILLE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 9, BUCCANEER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 10, BURRITO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 11, BURRITO2 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 12, BUS off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 13, CABBY off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 14, CAVALCADE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 15, CHAVOS off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 16, COGNOSCENTI off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 17, COMET off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 18, COQUETTE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 19, DF8 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 20, DILETTANTE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 21, DUKES off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 22, E109 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 23, EMPEROR off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 24, EMPEROR2 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 25, ESPERANTO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 26, FACTION off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 27, FBI active - els_cmid 2.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 28, FELTZER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 29, FEROCI off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 30, FEROCI2 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 31, FIRETRUCK active - els_cmid 3.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 32, FLATBED off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 33, FORTUNE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 34, FORKLIFT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 35, FUTO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 36, FXT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 37, HABANERO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 38, HAKUMAI off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 39, HUNTLEY off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 40, INFERNUS off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 41, INGOT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 42, INTRUDER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 43, LANDSTALKER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 44, LOKUS off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 45, MANANA off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 46, MARBELLA off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 47, MERIT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 48, MINIVAN off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 49, MOONBEAM off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 50, MRTASTY off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 51, MULE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 52, NOOSE active - els_cmid 4.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 53, NSTOCKADE active - els_cmid 5.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 54, ORACLE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 55, PACKER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 56, PATRIOT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 57, PERENNIAL off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 58, PERENNIAL2 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 59, PEYOTE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 60, PHANTOM off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 61, PINNACLE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 62, PMP600 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 63, POLICE active - els_cmid 6.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 64, POLICE2 active - els_cmid 7.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 65, POLPATRIOT active - els_cmid 8.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 66, PONY off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 67, PREMIER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 68, PRESIDENTE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 69, PRIMO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 70, PSTOCKADE active - els_cmid 9.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 71, RANCHER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 72, REBLA off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 73, RIPLEY off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 74, ROMERO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 75, RUINER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 76, SABRE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 77, SABRE2 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 78, SABREGT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 79, SCHAFTER off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 80, SENTINEL off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 81, SOLAIR off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 82, SPEEDO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 83, STALION off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 84, STEED off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 85, STOCKADE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 86, STRATUM off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 87, STRETCH off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 88, SULTAN off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 89, SULTANRS off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 90, SUPERGT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 91, TAXI off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 92, TAXI2 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 93, TRASH off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 94, TURISMO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 95, URANUS off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 96, VIGERO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 97, VIGERO2 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 98, VINCENT off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 99, VIRGO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 100, VOODOO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 101, WASHINGTON off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 102, WILLARD off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 103, YANKEE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 104, FAGGIO off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 105, HELLFURY off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 106, NRG900 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 107, PCJ off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 108, SANCHEZ off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 109, ZOMBIE off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 110, POLICE3 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 111, POLICE4 off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - CMID 112, POLICEB off.[iNFO] (ELS) File - vehicle properties retrieved.[iNFO] (ELS) File - information retrieved.[iNFO] [EmergencyLightingSystem] Thread started[iNFO] [EmergencyLightingSystem] Thread killed[iNFO] Script Hook - Shutdown

So is TrafficLoad started or not? I see in this log that a lot of models are off.

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I am having some issues with the mod as it basically won't do anything once the game is loaded (I guess it might be the same issue the Butcher posted). I am using EFLC with the latest patch and I have both scripthook and dsound.

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ikt thank you so much for finally working traffic mod! Although it is much lighter version of trafficload (spawn like 2 3 same cars at once) but after so many years it is the version that is actually works well without crashes and it does spawn every car in game. It takes a while but it constantly load new cars and because it does not force so many loads of new cars, like original traffic load, it is much more stable. I am using 30 vehicles spawn cycle.


Another thing. I added cars that does not spawn on street normally to custom cars list. Romero spawn well but roman's taxi seems to crush game. I also added Ambulance, police, firetruck etc. but they just won't spawn. I guess it what the game is coded like and they will not spawn even on spawn mod. I haven't tested the ELC vehicles yet. Romans taxi crash just keeps me wondering. If I will make mistake or add special car like ambulance or police cars the game will load but will not spawn them. That don't make a sense. Any ideas, or a list of names of cars that does not spawn on streets? Some cars have other in game/handling name and other car group name like Contender is e109.




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  • 2 months later...

I don't know if anybody still cares or plays GTA IV at all, with GTA V PC coming near, but I've made the sources available on GitHub (see the first post for the link).


This version still causes disappearing textures if you hang around one place for a while and it's a dev build, so feel free to change anything. As of this post it'll display a number with the amount of cars it counted in the top left corner of your screen.


The main functional changes:

- Change how it counts cars: previous version was bad and not reliable and I don't know why I did that.

- Change vehicle groups: Now spawning groups are divided for normal traffic and traffic which should NOT appear normally.


Non-functional changes:

- Instead of doing everything manually, just put all eModels in an array and iterate through that. I don't know why I didn't just apply how I implemented the custom cars on the normal cars too, but it's here now.

- Change how a random car is chosen.


The release is still same as old, I'll update it whenever I feel like TrafficLoad is more competent. For now, just build it yourself or if TrafficLoad.dll is present in the /Release folder, grab that one. TrafficLoad.ini still works (and is included in the repo).



Also I highly recommend checking this out:


It basically fixes the taxi bug at its roots so it shouldn't be as hacky and wonky as TrafficLoad.

Edited by ikt
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  • 2 weeks later...

Is there any changes in Traffic Load itself? The last version works fine although spawns to many of same cars and reset to new ones after longer period of time. When added all Episodes vehicles (different ini for TBoGT and for TLaD) had to reduce cars per cycle to 20 or 23. Other then that works but still look for improvement. I love diversity and I just hope I will get one in V.

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  • 1 month later...

Sorry for the bump, but I can't figure out how to use the latest version posted on GitHub. The old version without e_model.txt and such works fine, except for the fact the Mule and Sabre2 are never randomly spawned.

Forgot to add, I don't use any car mods, I just use this script because I like having insanely varied traffic.

EDIT:RIL Budgeted > this by a long shot

Edited by RM76
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  • 2 weeks later...

in term of traffic diversity precedent version was better . having 2 or 3 similar cars at once becomes problematic with non ordinary vehicles like busses or utility trucks

That's not a problem for me. In this case I reduced amount of spawned Buses or utility trucks by reducing amount of possible spawn in vehicle.ide file or messing with popcycle. Problem is there is still to many cars of the same type. I guess that's the GTA's maximum limit without outside memory mod/hack.

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precedent version was great , it only needed one thing , to have onlyduringofficehours vehicles removed at night . these gruppe stockades at 2 AM are definitely an hair in the soup :whuh:

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  • 4 weeks later...

The old source has long been gone.


Also I manually typed each and every one chance which allowed some more refined variation per vehicle but not much, this version should be less of a mess and easier for you to edit. Fork/Download it, mess around and build it!

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The old source has long been gone.


Also I manually typed each and every one chance which allowed some more refined variation per vehicle but not much, this version should be less of a mess and easier for you to edit. Fork/Download it, mess around and build it!

You probably mentioned this earlier, but is it possible to safely increase the amount of added cars that would be generated in traffic, from 15, without the game crashing?

I already specified those 15 18 cars in the .ini, and I see those 15 18 cars, but by any chance could I attempt to load 20 or so without the game crashing?


I also noticed that the handling bug, seen after adding a specific amount of vehicles (30+), specifically affects some of the vehicles I listed in my trafficload.ini file. :/

I changed the problematic vehicles on the added car list to different ones, and I have yet to observe if the handling bug affects those as well. (it does not affect the vehicles I have switched on the list, the bug seems to be fixated on specific added cars).


The 18 cars I have specified load perfectly fine when I open and play IV, but setting the number to 19 crashes IV a few seconds after I actually begin playing the game.


Here is the lower section of my trafficload.ini:





Edited by Lupin_III
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  • 3 weeks later...

Tried the newest version just a week ago. Must have been something wrong with my configuration because putting it in the default Grand Theft Auto IV folder in program files it works flawlessly now. Wow man, years with the taxi bug and now a fix - cheers! Thanks!


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  • 1 year later...
  • 3 years later...

Hello @ikt.
I use your script in conjunction with my modpack, in which almost all vehicles are replaced, with the exception of several models. It works great.
But I noticed that in the traffic never spawn Rancher and PCJ. Could you fix it?
Also here is a link to modpack screenshots:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157712028424057


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Christ, my first script.

From a quick look at the source code, everything seems to be there. I'm not sure what could cause it. Does it spawn these models normally?


Also take a look at NTA's RIL.Budgeted which also aims to fix the taxi issue - in a more fundamental way.

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Thanks, I'll take a look at RIL.Budgeted

SNT spawn models normally. On missions, the scripted PCJ spawn normally. Stevie's Rancher spawn normally.
But they will never spawn in traffic. During the testing of my modpack, I went through the game about 15 times, so I can say this with confidence.

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Yes, I thought about it, but forgot to do it.
Once I tried to prescribe additional extra transport, but it appeared too often, so I had to remove it

I will try to add the model name Rancher and PCJ as an additional transport and write about it later

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I added Rancher and PCJ as an extra transport in .ini file. This does not work. They spawn in traffic, but do it very often :(

Edited by Matfey
grammar mistake
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5 hours ago, Matfey said:

I wrote these lines:


Yeah, I honestly don't know why it won't spawn those then.


Just verified, and "PCJ" and "RANCHER" result in the same hashes as ScriptHook enums predefined. MODEL_RANCHER and MODEL_PCJ (the hashes) also appear normally (once) in the regular LC traffic list:



Just wait longer, I guess? You could recompile it and log the loaded vehicles and see if a play session loads (and doesn't immediately unload) the PCJ or Rancher.

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  • 5 months later...

@ikt hi there, are you still in into this project? I have noticed your mod causes game crashes after watching TV for 5 and more minutes. I was checking all installed mods one by one and unfortunately, yours started to make game crash. Could you check it out?

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2 hours ago, Kubigz said:

@ikt hi there, are you still in into this project? I have noticed your mod causes game crashes after watching TV for 5 and more minutes. I was checking all installed mods one by one and unfortunately, yours started to make game crash. Could you check it out?

It's a horrible hack I wrote 9 years ago lmao

I think NTA's RIL.Budgeted is a better, more proper fix:



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