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GTA V - Call of Juarez: The Cartel connection?


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I just saw a trailer for the multiplayer for Call of Juarez : The Cartel and it really made me think of how GTA V could be like, that is if GTA V would be in SA again with possibly the addition of some part of Mexico too cool.gif There are definitely credible theories why GTA V could be heading back there and one of the key arguments are the rivaling Mexican Drug Cartels. Which are known for there ruthlessness. Which of course in real life isn't cool at all. They even start to kill lots of children now suicidal.gif




But in a GTA V game, obviously without killing children, it could be very cool biggrin.gif I seriously have less morale issues killing heavy violent adult criminals as a cop or as a another "good" anti-hero criminal with at least some kind of respect and morale codes cool.gif


Anyway, it took me by surprise because I forget about this title. And the Call of Juarez franchise used to be an old western cowboys and indians shooter franchise. There are some interesting multiplayer modes. And you definitely get the vibe of Los Angeles and Mexico in here cool.gif


So, do you think we could see similar multiplayer modes if GTA V was back in SA again with the addition of a part of Mexico?


Here's the trailer:



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