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GTA SA Reflective Water


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OK, So I've been wondering how water would use reflection in GTA SA and I had this idea:


A custom CLEO Mod that adds a single "vehicle" as large as the map. The "vehicle" I'm thinking of is basically a very large plate (like I said as large as the map) made as a vehicle (I don't know if you're getting me). This "vehicle" plate would be situated just under the water's surface.


I'm not sure if I'm making any sense right now but I'd imagine that the plate would be walk-through (like the areas in the Liberty City interior) so that you could still swim. As for the distortion, well I think CaptainCrabe's ENB Water would do the trick.


I hope this makes some sense to you who know how to do this sort of thing.



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what the f*ck dude?

What "vehicle" plate? That makes no sense. Wouldn't it be easier just to put whole map upside down under the water.

And geez, this place is for completed or near finished mods, not ideas.


It makes my giggle that you've been here longer than me, and still don't understand the rules

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Rokas., he joined earlier, that doesn't mean he's been here physically longer.


calin316, wrong section, but your idea has been tried numerous times, they always look very silver but seem to reflect properly. Even the result looks horrid. Read this topic if you're interested.

And it's not possible with CLEO.

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