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why was my post locked?


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i have been a member here for several years, and have helped and joked and contributed as a member.


i just posted a funny post about my love for gta online which has been instantly locked without explanation.


i am not being rude, i used icons with smiles....

it is an admission that i can now shoot and annoy people in gta online... thats the whole point.


to lock this thread is ridiculous and whoever was responsible needs to learn to read a sense of humour from someone who loves gta online for 5 years.


ill be damned if i ever post here agin to help someone.


had the person who locked this thread bothered to read my post history you would see this was meant to be funny...


what a bunch of moderating ***** hobos'




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Well firstly it was a pointless topic, it didn't make sense, it wasn't funny and there was nothing to discuss.


Please don't leave the forums though.


Ed: I appreciate the back up Mark tounge.gif.

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This topic?


I'm not surprised it was locked. Firstly, it's incoherent. Secondly, considering the type of topics expected in this area, it's simply spam. Thirdly, it does not contribute in any way to the network, nor was much effort put into it.


Please re-read the forum rules and think a little before hitting the 'New Topic' button in future.


ED: Damn well ninja'd.

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