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Strange issue with ENB/ICEnhancer


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So I installed the game again few days ago and patched to I installed ICEnhancer right away along with few more mods. It worked flawlessly...

The next day I turned on the PC and wanted to play GTA, mods were still there and on but this time game crashed on startup, before Rockstar logos showed up.

Thing is I didn't do anything at all - just turned the PC off and on again (obviously with couple hours in between).

So the question is did anyone had this problem ever and if - what is the possible solution?




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Sometimes deleting the asilog.txt can help. Also make sure you're running the game as admin as that can stop if from running too.

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Well, the game is running as admin all the time and I just tried compatibility mode, still no luck confused.gif


I reckon asilog.txt is from Asi loader? I don't use it so I thinnks it's not that.


I fogot to add, other mods are working fine - only ICE is causing crash... Or any ENB sereies mod since they all use d3d9.dll

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