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turning unexpected


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$$$$$$$$$$$ TURNING UNEXOECTED $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


a boy of name sam tornando, one found meddled in a deal that he not has imagined and nor thought that evening was them with the is taxi, to eait i client, when a men salt on car and the says of star for idlewood, sam led till has destination, but the client the says of wait, pass 10 minutes and the client runs to cars, and says to sam of escapes, sam escapes chased by three car a volt sown, the client the says of pass tomorrow for a travel. sam the says that not is the his driver, and so began the doyssey in life criminal



•SAM TORNANDO: protagonist boy of sust 21 years works as taxi driver

•KAVIN O'BRIAN: the boss of los santos manages every penny of all the business that pass has los santos

•CLOUDE TWITT: a drug dealer local become friend of sam

•T-NINE: enemy of family o'brian, and the boss of a small band well proposal and strong

•AGENTE LEVSKI: a corrupt agent of fbi, will and will help, sam in events of district



mission Upgradable biggrin.gif


A DAY UNEXPECTED 1----- a day unexpected

shots in periphery 2----- shots in periphery

fire incrusader 3-----fire incrusader

family in danger 4-----FAMILY IN DANGER

question personal 5-----question personal

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First of all, you must publish the mission, or It will be editable.

Second thing is, the mission's design is very poor, there are a lot of grammar mistakes such "A day unexpected" or "to go a destination".

The length is very short, so far I would give you a 2.0/10.

Try to learn more english and make better mission design, the story is confusing.

Good luck!

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thanks for the advice

i m learning now english, it made bare missions because i wanted to put the plot for first what

in fact not and full of action


i will try of improve the english confused.gif

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... name of the mission pack is copy of Episodes From Vice City last mission.... When will people stop copying and come up with something original? Change the name before i report this to authorities

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not i knew that name was copied, because not i played has that series of missions

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