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GTA Elite (PS3)


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Alright, im new here so work with me. a buddy and I are wanting to make an Elite clan that includes intence training before u can get in. Training consists of hours of "figuring the game out". A trainging schedual is already planned out and approved! let either DCrocket28 or xXbaTTleaxeXx know if you want to join. training starts soon. this clan will (hopfully) be as good as if not better than others. we play ALL game modes, but mostly TDM and FM

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Mr White0161

Add more detail, take out use of gamer id's and remember you must run your gang/clan from this site.



We stress only on one thing for gangs that use this forum - you must operate from GTAForums. You may not simply leave an advertisement or a recruitment topic, directing people to your gang's forums, website, or any external means of communication. Harsh? Maybe. We want gangs to grow on these boards, and mingle with other gangs and the community. We do not want to encourage isolated gangs that operate externally.
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