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here is the site link http://www.ux98.com/html/news/pcgame/2011/0710/64485.html

if you cant read Chinese here is what they are saying : GTA5" will be officially announced in the summer of 2011.

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Well-known gaming magazine latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine claims that the author R star masterpiece "GTA5" will be officially announced later this summer. Magazine remarked: [time to, crystal ball prediction "GTA5" plan will be formally announced later this summer. ] As will be held next month in Cologne, one of the three largest exhibition game show, if overwhelmed by rumors are true, then the German game show will be released for the super-best time. It seems "GTA5" The truth will be unveiled! In addition, there are rumors that "GTA 5" will be set in Hollywood, California, using the "black Los Angeles' considerable facial capture technology. Expected to exceed GTA4 MOD will GTA5 effect brought about:


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