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A .Net.dll mod remake for asi


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hi i am new here and so sorry if this is the wrong area to post this


i am here because i need some help


i have a mod i downloaded called umbrella mod


this allows u to have umbrella when it is raining


i like it BUT this mod along with .net scripthook make it rain inside buildings and the rain hitting the road you cannot see the effects any more, i experimented and found that when i remove .net scripthook the rain is no longer inside my buildings but the umbrella mod does not work any more


so i was wondering...


if anyone here can help me i know nothing about scripting but can someone re make the umbrella mod for ASI loader instead of it to go in the scripts folder?


i would be so happy if i could fix this issue





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The scripthookdotnet.asi is known to cause the rain bug! even the latest update! ive been told it may be to do with the way the asi "hooks" to the scripthook.dll but i cant say myself? so i dont know if it can even be fixed?

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