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I recently watched the above video of SR3 and I have to say I found it rather unimpressive. So far all I'm seeing is a boat load of mindless violence, and being rewarded for that mindless violence.


Now I know GTA is also a very violent game but I'd argue it has more brains. I can only ever remember one time in GTA when I was actually given a mission to kill innocent people in the streets and that was in Carmageddon in GTA:LCS and even then it was only one small side mission. The vast majority of the time the killing I do is part of the story and always aimed at people who are themselves criminals. I can of course go on a killing spree any time I like but thats not really what the game is about and in no way does it reward you for doing that, the cash you can steal is small change, you'll attract attention from the police, and there is really nothing to gain by killing innocents in the street. Now I'll admit I do occasionally go driving down foot paths and I'm not against having a bit of fun now and then but I'm still always glad that GTA doesn't actually ask me to do it, and doesn't reward me for doing it.


In that video though, all I'm seeing is him walking down a street beating up people in the street for no real reason, I'm shown special features to allow me to kill them even more easily like bigger/stronger fists, rockets raining from the sky, but in the end its just mindless violence. I admit I already am weary of buying this game based on the poor PC port of SR2, but so far I've seen nothing in videos of SR3 to encourage me to buy it. The graphics look good, the world/city looks fine, sounds are good, no real complaints except with the most important aspect of any game, and that's story/purpose.


GTA I'll keep buying for sure, I see R* doing a great job as always and providing me with great stories, great graphics, and I was really impressed by GTA4 and how they tried to move the genre on, mature it, by moving further away from the mindless violence by giving the city more realism. I'm not saying everything worked as well as it should of, personally I think the cops are far too weak in GTA, but I feel R* are at least making an attempt to get away from being seen as just another violent video game, many of the side missions are proof of that.


SR3, I doubt I'll buy it. I'll more than likely get hold of a demo or download and make my decision on how that plays. SR2 was an extremely bad port to PC, and I'm still yet to be able to play it. SR3 doesn't seem to offer me anything new, its just a copycat/wanna be GTA but without the story, without any brains, and at dirt cheap minimum cost to the developer.


I'm sure now many will come in here and shout me down because your a fan, or because you'll assume this is a PC vs console thing, but you'd be wrong. I love games, I dont care which platform its on, I just enjoy good games, but so far I've played and seen nothing from SR to make me a fan. Violence with story and reason I can handle, violence just for the sake of it I dont like and I think this game does nothing more than give a bad name to a genre that already gets plenty of bad publicity. For me I seriously hope they go bust and stop making this BS game, or wake up and realise that if they want to really be successful in gaming you need to come up with your own ideas, not just copy. The Sims may be one of the most boring games around but its success comes from doing something different.


Anyway enough said, come in and shoot me down. bye.

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Its a video game.


Its all just for fun, Its not trying to be "art" like grand theft auto.


Do you go to a carnival hoping to see some nice paintings? No.

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There's a Saints Row topic, your opinion is no more important than anyone elses, so I'm closing this.

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