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Races - How long too wait


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I only need to complete two more races for Brucie to have finished them all. However, every time I ring Brucie for a race he tells Niko that there are no races happening at the moment and to ring back another time. How long should I have to wait between races? It seems like I have waiting a couple of weeks in-game time.






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Try driving around and calling him, and if you lost track of what races you've done, then try calling him from each of the main islands to see if he has any races ready for you. You shouldn't have to wait 2 weeks in game for him to give other races to you, so I think you might just have been calling him from a location where you've already completed the races. icon14.gif


And if it helps any, I'll give you a list of all his races. Brucie's Races List.

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