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Internet Cafe Tutorial


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Ever wanted a functional internet cafe in your missions? Well now you can! With these simple steps, your player will be able to recieve emails from other characters! By the way, I finally know how to colour my text!


1. First, you need to get to an interior. When browsing, obviously there aren't any internet cafe interiors. The closest you can get in my opinion is the betting shop (Interior 60). Let's assume you used the betting shop.

2. Define the player spawn location just a few steps away from the exit door.

3. Inside the betting shop, you will notice two betting machines. You can use them as computers. First, add a

few actors to bring the place to life. Add more computers if needed.

4. Now, add a checkpoint objective in front of one of the computers. For the text, you can say "Log onto a computer to check your emails".

5. Add a timeout objective saying that you have a new message from a character. For example "You have one new message from Sweet". You can replace "Sweet" with any other name, depending on who is sending the email to your player.

6. Add another timeout objective saying the message (you may need more of these objectives for longer messages). The message will explain what is going on and what you have to do in the mission.

7. Teleport outside and put an objective to teleport the player next to any building (try the Conference Centre in Los Santos).

8. Make the rest of your mission based on the "email" text you typed earlier!

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