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Have just came across this thread - my theory is that the original picture leads to the thought that the next GTA being based in the present day enviroment of Red Dead Redemption which covers the bord

I don't get it. <----- My original post.   Attention! If you're new to this topic, read this before posting! It is updated regularly. Last update: October 18. Added facts regarding the moving o

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I don't get it. <----- My original post. biggrin.gifdontgetit.gif


Attention! If you're new to this topic, read this before posting! It is updated regularly. monocle.gif Last update: October 18. Added facts regarding the moving of the thread.


Ok, I know what you're thinking; "WTF is going on here? Over 650 pages and 13,000 posts, just because some dude with a mysterious username posted a strange pic?"


Well, to make it easier for newcomers, I decided to post what we've found so far here, seeing this is the first reply. This gives you a general idea of what's going on.


First of all, if you're unfamiliar with deepthroatgta4, take a look at this thread from 2007: Revelation. Remember, this was before GTA IV. Take it for what it's worth. There are believers and non-believers that deepthroatgta4 posted info regarding GTA IV before the first trailer was released. JCtheMC posted this theory back in 2007: The Big deepthroatgta4 posts round-up.

It has been confirmed that the IP of deepthroatgta4 is the same as when he posted the Revelation topic. Also, the IP doesn't match anyone in the GTAForums staff.


You may wonder why deepthroatgta4 is orange. Well, every time you type in his name, it automatically changes to say Chevy Chase instead. It has been like this since page 169. No explanation has been found, but apparently this has happened to other words in the past. A filter replaces one word with another. Perhaps it's a clue in itself? I had to change the colour to avoid it. There are other tricks you can use to fool the filter, but I wanted to catch your attention.

If you don't believe me and want to try this out for yourself, you can use the user posted image button. You don't actually have to post in the thread for it to work.

The admin Andrew posted this answer to Leve-O's question on page 544:



Can you tell me the meaning of the Chevy Chase filter?

I have no idea behind that one, it's a mystery to me too. I don't think it has anything to do with GTAV though.


Already on the very first page, N2gether69 pointed out that one of the trees in the image is the tree we searched for in the famous Where is the blue? topic. For a complete summary of that thread, go here: RockstarBase.

The podcast which was released on September 9th, 2010 features some of the administrators of GTAForums talking about the Where is the blue? topic. If you want to download it, go here. However, Duxfever has provided an excellent transcript which covers the more interesting parts of the podcast. It's a little too long to post here, but here's a link to Duxfever's post.


Gege posted this so that you can see for yourself that this is the exact image used in the V:



user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


Piperka has done an outstanding job in finding both the location in Red Dead Redemption, and the exact image used for the Grand Theft Auto IV part of the picture.


Taken from page 38:


Found it:


user posted imageuser posted image


Taken from page 32:


From the GTA4 Network walkthrough of the mission "Hating the Haters":


user posted image


If you look closely to the right of the large tree, you can see that part of the mountain in the background has in fact been edited out of the picture. It's been discussed more or less since the start of the thread, but cosmicboy made it very clear on page 552:



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image



During the last days of September, Genesis was locked, then reopened and moved to Music Talk (with the subtitle "Show Phil Collins your appreciation"). Then it was moved again, this time to General Chat, then back to the GTA V section. The subtitle was then changed to "Book of Genesis". After that it has changed three times more. First it was "Sega Genesis", then "Sedan or coupe?", and now it is "Follow the nine". For a time it was in two different places, and also removed completely. deepthroatgta6 created this thread to try to get an answer as to why Genesis was removed. You can read the moderator Mark's reply.


Theories & Ideas


So what does all this actually mean? Nobody knows. Do you have any ideas?

As you can see this section is far from complete. Have you found or posted a theory in this thread that you feel belongs in this list? Let me know! This is a massive thread so I really need you guys to help me with this. Thanks!


The theories and ideas are in chronological order.



Theory name Creator
Some thoughts on Perseus and Pegasus Columbo
The Genesis and Diamonds Theory Duxfever
The U.S. Presidential Campaign Theory Duxfever
Summary regarding Chevy Chase Duxfever
The Triangulation Mini-Theory Duxfever
Watchmen theory Money Over Bullsh*t
The Shayanshaffey Theory Shayanshaffey
Deciphering the puzzle of gr8 Chevy Chase milkmansun
awsomeking5's theory awsomeking5
The Oakshaft Theory awsomeking5
The New Thing Theory blitz
The Vesuvius Theory BrightonEarly
The "Chevy Chase was never a mole" Theory Staten
The Raging Latino Barbecue Theory awsomeking5
The Holy Bible Theory BenDeR_
Theory about Genesis and Chevy Chase RedDragonsBOOM
The V Mystery Theory deepthroatgta6
Missing mountain leads to Los Santos BenDeR_
Lynx2069's Theory Lynx2069
The Bogota Theory deepthroatgta6
GTA: SA 2 Theory deepthroatgta6
The Rockstar Connection Theory deepthroatgta6



Once again, all credit goes to those I've mentioned. I'm just putting it together. If you feel I've missed something, just PM me.

There's a lot of speculation going on in this topic, and quite a lot of off topic posting as well (understatement of the year) so make sure you actually contribute when you post.


The mod Mainland Marauder posted this warning on page 200:



lock this topic this is annoying a year old puzzle is a pain in the ass

This topic has been allowed to run with minimal moderation, but from here on anyone who posts just to say it should be locked will come away with an entry their warn log. And not one of the good ones. This "OMG THIS TOPIC SUCKS LOCK IT" crap is getting a bit tiresome, it's spam in every sense and it's up to staff to decide what happens with it.


If it bothers you, I have a novel idea for you. Don't read it. It's that easy. Nobody's holding a gun to your head telling you to pull this thing up.


I'll hear any comments/questions etc. regarding this message but direct them to me in PM rather than in here.


Another mod, Ryan, posted this on page 244:



I know absolutely nothing more then what you guys know. I'm being told the same things that you guys are being told here by staff. This is an unofficial GTA fan run forum and Rockstar has no affilation with this place (to the best of my knowledge) except Rockstar Toronto's tech support account which hasn't been active in months.


Things really started to heat up after page 500, so the admin Andrew posted this on page 508:






Oh, and just one more thing... a very special thanks to deepthroatgta6 for his continuous help with this post, even though I gave up for a while. You sir, are a true GTA fan and a rolemodel for us all. I salute you. icon14.gif

Edited by Columbo
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I'm ready to be mind f*cked.


The RDR pic says ''Get back on your horse.'', while John sits on the horse.



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hey I recognize that tree!

isn't that the tree from that where is the blue topic that nobody could find? lol

I don't think so.... That's RDR

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hey I recognize that tree!

isn't that the tree from that where is the blue topic that nobody could find? lol

Yes I believe so.

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sh*t's about to get real cool.gif

I'm excited too, but sequels are rarely better than the orignial. So let's just hope deepthroatgta4 is The Dark Knight.

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cant make out the text in the smaller image .... 'Take Be*** too ' or something like that notify.gif

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cant make out the text in the smaller image .... 'Take Be*** too ' or something like that  notify.gif

Take bernie, that's from GTAIV.


Anyone remembers how we wondered if it was from RDR?

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I tried to zoom in it, the yellow word got almost completely removed so I can't read it. Notice that both pics have some kind of glitches on them.

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Anybody know where the "road" in RDR leads to? (the path that the road was pasted onto) or maybe what "get back on your horse" means when he is on his horse already.

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Could this be an anagram?

'Get back on your horse.' and 'Take Bernie to' .... maybe i am looking to deep into this lol tounge2.gif

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