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First, I'm not sure if this belongs here. I've chosen the GTA Series Chat forum because my stuff doesn't belong in the modding forums as it's not about modding, nor it's about any certain GTA.

So, I've seen on YouTube a lot of videos with storyline missions. Usually those are guiding videos, which means that they also have a cut scene. Although not all of the videos I've seen, some of them have subtitles which is quite easy if you aren't used with English. The thing is that, lately I felt the need to replay some GTAs such as San Andreas & Vice City through the storyline and up until 100%.

Even so, I am not able to understand everything the characters say, that's why I usually search for a video of the mission just to see the cut scene and what the characters say. And in the last weeks I wondered, why the hell don't I also have those subtitles? That's the purpose of this topic, apparently.


Here's a short video with it. Please don't tell me that only PlayStation versions have subtitles, because the video below has been filmed on PC. Please, if anyone could tell me how to get those subtitles, please do. If there's anything that can be done in the Options or some file, tell me. smile.gif




EDIT: Nevermind, I've found myself. Thanks anyway. tounge.gif

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i can understand this perfectly


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