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[REL|IV] Arrest Warrant

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So after spending some time with GTA5 I was thinking it'd be cool if cops would spawn inside and around your safehouses if you have more than 3 stars and were identified. That way you couldn't just run inside and wait for them to give up. Probably not possible but I think it'd be cool.

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So I don't know if you're still alive but I've been playing with this mod in tandem with YourGrace's Witness Crimes and I had an idea for surrendering. If the player is unarmed and has more than one star the cops should still try to arrest him as he poses no threat. If used with Weapon Weight, Rinepim's Weapon Wheel or InfamousSabre's Pickups then surrender is always an option as they all have a key for ditching guns. I'm sure that's not enough to warrant a new update but whatever.

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I agree with Ricebox. Something so simple as that, yet adds a lot more diversity will be an amazing update implemented.

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Can i get The source?

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Thank you AngryAmoeba for sharing this masterpiece with the community, best GTA4 mod in my opinion. Hope to see you back coding soon =)

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Hey Angry... Maybe you can advise me.

So, the point is, I haven't played GTA IV (neither original, nor EFLC) for a few months. I haven't reinstalled the game or my OS. But now strange things happen that I never saw before. Before, your awesome mod worked just great. But after all this time not playing the game, the mod crashes after 10 to 20 minutes of gaming. I, of course, can restart it through the console, but it's not too convenient. The only new app I installed since my last playing it was QuickTime 6.smth (downloaded the old X-Files game, so I needed that QT to run it).

Any ideas what may cause these crashes?

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Aaaaaalright, so it's been a while!


This isn't much, but... in anticipation of GTA V coming next month, I decided to release a final version of Arrest Warrant. This is where the mod was when life stuff took over. I hope to fix any major bugs you find (but I'm still in school & GTA V is coming, so who knows).


This update, aside from being the official release of v1.1 after a ridiculous 2-year testing period of 6 prerelease versions, adds a couple previously unreleased features.


Download v1.1 (final)


Here are all the changes since v1.1 Prerelease 6:


- Tweaked cop behavior:
. . . Removed Dispatch Delay feature, because it broke police AI.
. . . Lose your wanted level even in search radius if unseen for a long time (setting in "Cop Behavior" section).
. . . Social stealth! Cops notice you less when you're in a crowd (settings in "Weighted Alert Events" section).
. . . When following you, they avoid standing in the street or too close to people.
. . . They're less likely to look at you when they're 0% alerted.
. . . Decreased "SeeCopRunAlert" setting from 0.3 to 0.15.

- Surrender during a chase by holding down F1 (setting in "Keys" section). Sometimes just... doesn't work. Angry cops? :miranda: Bug... or feature?

- Smaller map blips for cops on foot (settings in "Alert Indicators" section).

- Empty cars might be reported stolen if the engine was running when you got in.

- Added "Dist. to nav point" & "Crowd size" in nearest-cop stats (show with "togglestats" command).
- Some code cleanup.
- Tweaked INI:
. . . Added NotoriousFaceAlert & FaceToFaceAlert settings (in "Weighted Alert Events"), previously hardcoded values.
. . . Removed "ShowMsg_VehicleWanted" setting.
. . . Renamed "Alert Modifiers" INI sections to "Alert Events".
. . . Renamed "Witness Behavior" INI section to "Theft Reporting".
- Fixed bugs:
. . . Cops in cars got out for no reason when they stopped investigating.
. . . Cops didn't start investigating if you weren't visible when alert level increased.






I'm also releasing the source code for this version, as requested. Honestly I shouldn't. It's awful. I'm embarrassed how nasty the code is. But, maybe it'll help someone... somehow.


Source Code Download

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I always thought it was sort of funny to see someone be absent from the place I know them from for so long, and then finally return after a super long period of time has passed. Idk why just feels nice to know that the password hasn't been forgotten or something haha. Probably goes back to the xkcd thing idk


I doubt now is the time for bug reports but disabling the warrant getting cleared on death/arrest/chasedeath doesn't seem to do anything.


That being said, holy sh*t I thought you died haha. Good to see you around again!

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That's strange! Just tested & both settings work for me. Maybe something else is going on there.


I'm glad I finally dropped back in to released the update. Been wanting to for months. However I don't think you'll see any other substantial modding from me anytime soon. I do want to try out GTA V scripting after it matures a bit, but I don't know if I'll be as productive as I was with GTA IV. We'll see!


(That's one of the best XKCDs)

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Well i figured out the problem haha. Archive is corrupt and I was using the old .ini with a half-downloaded dll. I think the link is busted the past three times I've tried it the archive is always corrupt.

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Ha! sh*t! Should be fixed now. I wonder when the archive got corrupted...


I also took this opportunity to do some minor code cleanup & fix a couple bugs I spotted (that sometimes broke stuff when you escaped chases).

Edited by AngryAmoeba

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Works great! hope everything works out w that life stuff haha. Hope youll come back to modding soon

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