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Fourth City

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Hey, many people have found out that there is one more city in gta 3 . The one in which Claude robs a bank with catalina . R* should have developed that city.

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You mean ghost town? if so then yes, you can get there with the Dodo Plane if you know how to fly it well, which many people don't and some do.

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Liberty City is the only city in GTA III. Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale are the three islands that make up Liberty City. This "ghost town" was most likely Upstate. It would have been nice to have seen the whole thing, but since the storyline missions stay within Liberty City, there would be no need to go any further.

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Arsen Vitiuk
you can get there with the Dodo Plane if you know how to fly it well

Heh! I know how to, but as soon as I reach the Ghost Town my Dodo stalls, spins out and falls down into water, so I could not land there...


Anyway, those "markers" the developers left on the map - obbeburgh, aaronsville, woodc*nty, les county, Chris's Town and Adamton, as well as land on the radar whereas it's water, indicate that there might have been an upstate are planned

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Nukey Shay

I believe that it indicates the opposite - that the lines on the map are just to imply that there is a place that the yellow brick road leads to and that Dorothy and the others aren't just skipping toward a painting. Just another link to create the illusion that it's not a closed game world.


As far as Ghost Town is concerned...the area was convenient for that controlled environment. IMO a little too convenient monocle.gif

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have been shooting, burning and even squashing my way around Liberty City for a couple of years now.

My first curiosity was the Ghost Town. It serves no purpose beyond being the location of the cut-scene of the bank robbery you see at the start.

There is no corporeal structure anywhere to land the Dodo on. The city hovers in mid-air.

There is the 'Ghostbridge' patch to drive a car there, but you can't drive back. The patch puts a solid surface under the illusionary ground surface.

The names on the map edge are allegedly the names of the game developers. There were never any roads through the tunnels.


The fragment of Liberty City that Ghost Town represents is more like Portland.

To my own feeling the bank should have been in Portland.

So you have a hand in robbing the same bank again.



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