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DFA error?


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OK. I have looked on the steam forums and a bunch of other places that have all these various fixes for all these various problems but I have yet to see someone give a fix for the problem I am getting.


I downloaded GTA IV last night and tried to start it via Steam, No dice. It gives me a "This game is currently unavailable, try again later" error. I thought this was strange. I then went into the steam directory and found the GTA launcher in the folder and when I click it, yet again, No dice. I get an error that says. "GTA IV FATAL ERROR: DFA did not initialize properly. Please make sure you are using LaunchGTAIV.exe to launch the game".


If anyone has a fix for this issue I would greatly appreciate it.

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Steam servers are very busy during sales, probably that's where the problems arise from. You should always start the game through steam.

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