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[SA] Vehicle ID's and their identifiers?


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I'm currently developing a revolutionary Handling Editor for San Andreas, which is not as any other one you've ever seen: An Ingame Handling Editor. There's just one little problem. As I'm developing this tool in Muti Theft Auto, I don't have a way to get the vehicle identifier from a model ID YET. I already listed all identifiers from vehicles.ide, but I seem to miss some. Also, identifiers such as MOPED are used on different models, so I'd like to know which identifiers are using more models than one, and which models they are. I seem to have the most, but still missing some.


I hope someone can list the vehicle ID's with their corresponding identifiers, it would solve such a great amount of little problems I have now on the cfg related functions smile.gif


Interested in this tool? Click me.

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Isn't that information in the default.ide file?


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Glendale and junk Glendale (glensh!t) share a handling line. So does Saddler and Sadlsh!t. Most of these can be found in the VEHICLE.IDE. Just type a handling id in using search and see how many vehicles have the tag in their line.



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