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Vehicle draw distance


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Hi all, just started Vice City after finishing GTA III, which was awesome. VC looks better to me except for one thing--the distance at which a car switches from it's low res texture to the high res is really close. Which is quite disappointing. user posted imageuser posted image

In fact, I loaded up GTA III and cars there switch textures at an even FURTHER distance than VC. What's up with that?


I guess I'm just disappointed. I figured that aspect of the game would have improved. And the low-res textures look SO awful too, something else I never noticed in III.


Is there any mod for this or an easy way to make vehicles look better at a distance? I found steve-m's tool for increasing the draw distance of buildings and scenery, which is awesome, but I've searched hi and low for something for the vehicles without luck. Thanks!


(here's the same thing in GTA III, for the record)

user posted imageuser posted image

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Yeah, that is what I mentioned having tried. That tool sure helps with buildings and trees and such, but vehicles are in their own separate world as far as draw distance goes. Thanks anyway.

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