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I spend all my time in the GTA V Section, so this is uncharted land's for me over on the SanAndreas part, However got a question,


Will San Andreas run on my xbox 360?, If you are wondering or need to know, it's The xbox elite 250gig


http://www.game.co.uk/Consoles/Xbox-360/Xb...250GB/~r349710/ <--- That one


If it can, Wher can i buy SanAndreas for it, most place's dont even stock it but i have seen a few on ebay hmph..., Failing that wher can i buy an adaptor for my PC, so i can use my Xbox 360 Pad on my PC and i will download it on the PC, On that note, Wher can i find all the correct xbox mapping's for the xbox controller <--- if this is not clear i will elaborate


A = run, Left trigger aim, right shoot Etc, wher can i find correct Mapping's for GTA SA, with the 360 controller on the PC


Thank you for your time smile.gif



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If I'm right, San Andreas will run on this Xbox 360 as long as you download update to emulate games from old xbox.


You can find SA on Xbox Live for 1200 MSP or you can try ebay for example.

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I have Trawl'd the entire xbox live market place and i have never found it to buy for the MSP, And how do i update the console to run it?


Cheers for replying also smile.gif


i have found it "download to xbox 360 for 1200MSP", I am euthoric right now, i swear im full of love, i acually love you all right now i am so happy -_-, Thank you!!!


Just to be sure, This will download to my 360 right


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas™


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Release date: 11/11/2008

Size: 2.87 GB


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1200 Download to Xbox 360


That, Clearly state's it will download to my xbox 360 doesnt it lol

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lil weasel

SEARCH is your friend,

Here are some reference Topics:

Playing on XBOX 360

Downloaded game freezing

Does the Xbox version work on the 360?

Downloaded game

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some of many.


I would not recommend using the Xbox controller on the PC. Get a Generic USB GamePad.

There are many topics on the Xbox Controller problems.

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