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CAn you mod if you got it off steam


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What the title says


Can you mod GTA San Andreas if you bought it off steam?

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I don't see why you wouldn't be able to, but I'm just guessing really. If you have any further questions regarding modding, it's best to ask them in the Modding Section. That's where the modding community hangs at and will be able to provide you with further info if needed. icon14.gif

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NO, the Steam version is V3, It IS NOT moddable nor is it downgradeable...If you want to add mods, you MUST get the Retail(DVD) version-it is only $10 now a days(which is half of what Steam is charging-last time I checked it was $19.99 on Steam), so the Retail version is cheaper, and since it ia V2, it can be modded to a certain extent...


Just a friendly heads up, if you had used the Search feature, you could have figured this out, since it has been answered before...

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lil weasel

SEARCH is your Friend. Always Search before creating a new topic.


Version 1 can easily be modded.

Version 2 was intended not to be modded, but you can work around it.

Version 3 was designed NOT to be modable at all.


further Reference Topics:

DownGrading Version 3.0 Steam ?:

Modding GTA:SA v3.0 (steam)

GTA in STEAM / Direct2Drive /V3, modable?


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