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Cruise ship, mall and hotels


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Something i'd like to see in the next installment is a more diverse environment for interiors. Like having a cruise ship that is docked with a full interior similar to a mall where you can wreak havoc. It could be fully a destructible environment. I know others have mention destructible buildings before, but in my opinion, that would be far too complex for the developers when you consider the size and scope of the map in the game. I'm not sure it can be done. However, if you used a limited space like on a cruise ship, or mall and even a large hotel, you could possibly make it work. Imagine being able to completely destroy the inside of a cruise ship and causing it to sink right where it's docked. Then allowing the character to scuba dive into the wreckage later on and explore a mini city under water. Anyway, i think thats the next step in the evolution of GTA.

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