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Maybe Some Gear?


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Everyone knows that you can always buy or pick up weapons, armor etc. But what if you could also have things like gear such as:

Scuba tank with a mask-Then you can hold your breath for a certain amount of time swimming underwater,

Grappling hook-You could use it to throw up on buildings, trees or things and climb up them.

Binoculars-Use them to see far distances clearly.



Gun Attachments anyone?

-Maybe different zoom scopes depending on sniper rifle.

-Laser for better accuracy

-Flashlight attachment for nightime maybe


Also I was thinking things along the lines of accually having enough water around the map that you could go for a while. Also I was thinking of having a boat that you could land a helicopter on. Or maybe even a Helicopter with a ladder or rope that comes down. Say pilots can use the down arrow on the D pad and a rope ladder rolls down and a player can press Y lock on and climb up into his seat. I don't know, I have to many ideas. What do you guys think?

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