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GTA: Rockefeller City


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**Credit for the LOGO goes to blitz



The Story

After years of Undercutting his allies and betraying his friends for his own profit, Andrew Cramer has made it to the top of the Industry. He is Wealthy and Prosperous as the leader of an innovative new company in Carcer City. His unruly conduct has not gone unnoticed though, and some of his old friends, whom he had betrayed, stage a Homicide Andrew unwittingly escapes the attack. He returns to find his home destroyed and his friends dead. Fearing for his life, he flees Carcer City for his home town of Blainsboro, a farming town near Rockefeller City. Penniless, he meets up with his brother, and with only the clothes on his back, begins to rebuild his image, from the bottom up.





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LocationCharactersMissionsFeaturesVehiclesRadio Stations


The Map


user posted image

*i apologize for the crudeness of this map, but it should suffice to give you a general outlook on the game area.




Beck County


The game begins in Beck County. The County is mostly Agrestic in nature, and is littered with Failing Farms, and mom and pop businesses that are holding on by a thread.

  • Blainsboro -Farming and Business Community
  • Stoney Vale -Mostly Church going retired farmers.
  • Valley Stream -Country Living, minus the smell of cattle.
  • Mesa Bordine -Trailer Park Community
Moss County

A More Affluent Neighbor to the North, Moss county is mostly Suburban, Middle Class, White families.

  • Lindale - Once a farming community, now a real estate hub. debt is rampant.
  • Moss Grove - The popular alternative for city living, just outside the city limits.


Rockefeller City


A melting pot of cultures. Where Russians, Mexicans, Muslims...even blacks and whites...come to live.

  • Willis Airport
  • Uptown
  • Midtown
  • Southside
*The city is still in development, subsections of the city will come as i develop them.


Carpenter County


The very deffinition of "slummin it"

  • Lilith - A small city, running rampant with crime and drug abuse.
  • Teagueford - Polluted Remains of what used to be a small seaside town
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Photo Name Description
user posted image Andrew Cramer (Protagonist) The Game's protagonist. Andrew is origionally from Blainsboro however,

he relocated sometime in the mid nineties to run a business out of Carcer City.

After years of undercutting his allies, and betraying his friends in the name of money

and big business, Andrew has just barely escaped an assassination attempt, and

relocated back to Whitfield, bringing with him no money, and a whole lot of problems...

user posted image Aaron Cramer Andrews Brother is the first person we meet. He is a retired farmer who has run into some

financial problems. The bank is currently trying to repossess his farm, and Andrews return is

welcomed, but adds to the problems are already building up around the Cramer Farm.

user posted image Jim Haus A local businessman/ farmer who runs business in both construction and Forestry
user posted image Ernie Briggs He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is a decent guy. he would like to run a legitamate

business, however, in order to get to that point you must help him do some dirty work. he's a major

pothead as well...

user posted image Clarice ParkerH She's a small time drug dealer / girlfriend.
user posted image Rod Strong A tempermental truck depot owner. he employs andrew briefly as a driver.
user posted image Jazz Torrington a truck stop Pimp.
user posted image Jennifer Kingsley A prostitute whom Andrew aids in getting a legitamite job.
user posted image Don thomas an oil and tobacco Lobbyist
user posted image Eli Garreth a corrupt minister


user posted imageJoel HessTransient RV driver who mysteriously shows up and gives missions and tips.




user posted imageChad Nixon a rich man who cuts a shady deal with Andrew , and then later betrays him. user posted imageMiles Anderson an FIB agent who abuses his power and blackmails andrew.user posted imageJim Smith an ex American Auto Worker, who worked for Andrew and was good friends with him.





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Desperado Biker Club


user posted image

user posted image


An Exclusively black gang located in South Rockefeller.


They view Andrew as "the white devil."

A group of Rugged Motorcycle riding rednecks.



Wanted for: Destruction of Property, Battery, Arms Trade. Wanted for: Extortion, Arson, Battery


Leader: Jaban Jefferson

user posted image

Leader: Lawrence Con

user posted image




Los Manos Rapidos (Del Diablo)
Fellons or Angels


user posted image

user posted image



A Mexican Gang A group of local boys who think they are hardcore.



Wanted for: drug distribution, arms distribution.


Illegal sex trade, sale of stolen goods.

Wanted For: Defacing Public Property, Driving Under Influence.



Leader:Gomez Juarez

user posted image

Leader: Jason David Post III

user posted image





Diamond-Back Kings
Russian Mafia


user posted image

user posted image



An Islamic Gang They don't f*ck around...



Wanted For: Assault, Battery, Murder, Theft, Vandalism,


Drug Trade, Arms Trade.

Wanted For: Sale of Drugs, Human trafficking, Arms Trade,


Extortion, Battery, Arson, Destruction of Public Property.


Leader:Muhammad Al Hassan

user posted image


user posted image


The Chop Shop Syndicate
The Valencio Firm


user posted image

user posted image





Wanted for: Grand Theft Auto, sale of stolen goods. Wanted for: Fraud, Tax Evasion, Misconduct, Neglegence,


Misappropriation and Grand Larceny


Leader: Rob Tillis (Photo Unavailable)
Leader: Ricardo Valencio

user posted image




The Aaron Cramer Strand


Mission #1: REUNION


The game begins with a cutscene of Andrew driving a car. It shows several flashbacks from Carcer City.

Eventually the cutscene ends, and you are in control of the car, and must drive to the Cramer Farm


Upon arriving at the Farm, another cut scene begins...


Aaron Cramer sits on the Porch of his house smoking a cigarette.

As Andrew exits the car, Aaron reaches down, picking up a double barreled shotgun.


Aaron Cramer

Whatever you're selling, i don't want it


Andrew looks Aaron in the face.

Aaron lowers the gun, and sits back down.

Andrew walks over to the porch.


Aaron Cramer

What do you want?



It's not about what i want. It's about what they want.


Aaron Cramer

I see. And what is it that they want?



They want me...Dead.


Aaron Cramer

Well now. Why would they want a thing like that?



I Pissed off the wrong people.


Aaron Cramer

You pissed off a lot of people Andrew. It's been fifteen years. Fifteen years Andrew. You couldn't even make time to see your own family? Your own flesh and blood?



I need a place to stay for a while.


Aaron Cramer

And you'll work? There ain't no place for hand outs round these parts.



Just like old times.


Aaron Cramer

Too Much like old times... What the hell are you wearing? You know those clothes are a dead give away that your not from around here. Come on, i was heading into town anyway.


Enter the Sadler Truck, where Aaron tells you to drive.

Drive into town to the Ranch Clothing store. Inside the store, pick out a pair of clothes. Aaron will foot the bill.

Drive aaron to the Xoomer Gas station across town. Fill up the tank while he runs inside to grab a pack of Smokes.

Drive back to the Farm.


Reward $0



Mission #2: Jim Haus


Andrew walks to the front door, but Aaron quickly throws the door open and walks out.


Aaron Cramer

We got work to do, come on. It's time you remember what things are like round here.


Aaron turns his back and walks to the SADLER pickup truck.

Andrew follows.




What exactly kinda work you got in mind?


Aaron Cramer

I want you to meet a good friend of mine, Jim Haus. He's comin' over here to pick up a load of round bales today.


Get into the SADLER and drive to the field where the round bales are.

Shortly after you arrive a Truck and Trailer will be driven onto the field by Jim Haus.

Jim Haus will park in place.



Aaron Cramer

Jim, this here's my brother Andrew. He's gonna be helping me out around here for a while.


Jim gives Andrew a looking over, then shakes his hand.


Jim Haus

Pardon me, but you don't look like you're from around here.


Aaron Cramer

Oh he don't look like much, but he grew up here, same as me.


Jim Haus

You any good with running Machinery?


Get into the SKIDSTEER and load the bales onto the trailer.

Depending on how you did, Jim and Andrew will either praise you

or say that you need a little more experience.


Jim Haus

I might have work for you if you'd be interested.



yeah sure.


Jim Haus

Alright then, you start now. Run that load of hay back to my place in Valley Stream.


Get into the truck. Follow the map back to Jim Haus's farm, just outside Valley Stream

DO NOT DESTROY THE LOAD!!!! once you arrive, park in the marked spot.


Reward: $50

Miscellaneous: You can now do missions for JIM HAUS



More Missions Soon..


Side Missions


  • Vigilante
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighter
  • Taxi Driver
  • Trucker
  • Burglar
  • Pimp
  • Pizza-Boy
  • Car Thief

Track / Stadium Events



  • 8-track
  • Blood Bowl
  • Hot Ring
  • Dirt Track
  • Kick Start








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You will have to eat at some time, chose from any of the following. And by the way,if your in a hurry, just slide on through the DRIVE THRU, thats right, introducing the working drivethru for the next GTA.

  • Well Stacked Pizza
  • Burger Shot
  • Cluckin Bell
  • Tarbrush Cafe
  • Rusty Browns Ring Donuts
  • Substandard
  • Cherry Poppers Ice Cream
  • Shaft Hot Dogs
  • G&Y Bagels
Gas Stations

Introducing working gas stations for GTA 5. Your car will have to be refueled from time to time. If you don't want to pay $3 a gallon for gas, you could always just jack another car, but if you actually decide to buy gas, the following stores will be at your service.

  • Xoomer
  • Gasso
  • Ron Petrol
  • Gitco
  • Salford Petrol
  • Sheiße
Alcohol & Tobacco

Unlike previous GTA titles, you now have the ability to smoke and drink if you so choose. The following brands of cigarettes and Alcohol can be purchased at Gas Stations and other stores



  • Redwood
  • Allegiance
  • Stateside
  • Generic
  • Athena
  • Silas
  • Wilson
  • Malik

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Pißwasser
  • Blarneys Stout
  • Cerveza Barracho
  • Patriot
  • Dusche Gold
  • Logger
  • A.M.
  • Cherenkov
  • Mount Whiskey
  • Blêuter'd
  • Nogo
  • Pissh





Upscale Streetware Sportsware Skater Hip Hop Footwear Department Store




  • Perseus
  • Derriere
  • Didier Sachs
  • Anacrosley
  • Hawaiian Snow
  • Dr. B.
  • Ranch
  • White Widow
  • Hinterland
  • Zip
  • Eris
  • Heat
  • Prolaps
  • Curbcrawler
  • Backside
  • Ponz
  • Skeeza
  • Tree
  • Fruntalot
  • Double P
  • 16:20
  • Shodi
  • Radge
  • Modo
  • Alphabetz
  • Sneaky Footwear
  • Moody
  • Atlantic Coastal Clothing
  • Suburban
  • Leopolds
  • Victim
  • Spenders
  • Binco






Melee Thrown Hand Held Hand Gun ShotGun


  • Chainsaw
  • poolstick
  • knife
  • golf club
  • night stick
  • cane
  • katana
  • baseball bat
  • shovel
  • crow bar
  • grenade
  • satchel charges
  • tear gas
  • Molitov Cocktail
  • spray paint
  • fire extinguisher
  • camera
  • cell phone
  • 9 MM
  • silenced 9 MM
  • .32 Special
  • Colt 45
  • Desert Eagle
  • sawn Off
  • Spaz-12



Machine Pistol Assault Rifle Rifle Heavy
  • Tec-9
  • MP-5
  • Uzi
  • Micro SMG
  • AK-47
  • M4
  • .22
  • 30-6
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Flamethrower
  • Minigun
  • M60
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Heat Seaking Missile







Currently in the process of converting the tables below, into a table similar to those above ^^ sorry for the current inconsistency


Full Size Sedan


Make Model Year Real Life Variant


Annis Pinnacle 2005 Nissan Maxima Bravado Feroci 2003 Nissan CefiroClassique Nebula 1999 Oldsmobile 88 Classique Revision 2001 Oldsmobile Alero Declasse Merit 2007 Chevy Impala Declasse Premier 2010 Chevy Volt Declasse VooDoo 1960 Chevy Impala Dinka Hakumai 1977 Honda Accord Dinka Chavos 2010 Acura TL Imponte df8-90 2008 Saturn Aura/Pontiac G6 Imponte Envision 1996 Pontiac Grand Am


Karin Sultan 2006 Lexus IS Karin Intruder 2010 Infinite M45 Maibatsu Vincent 2003 Mitsubishi Galant Maibatsu Sunrise 2008 Honda Accord Saaron Epiphany2010 Subaru Legacy Schyster Glendale1960 Chrysler Windsor Vapid Idaho 1977 Ford Fairmont Vapid Arcanum 2009 Ford Fusion Vapid Remington 1959 Edsel Corsair Zirconium Executive 1994 Honda Accord Luxury Sedan


Make Model Year Real Life Variant
Albany Primo 2001 Cadillac Catera
Albany Washington 2011 Cadillac DTS
Albany Presidente 2011 Cadillac STS-V
Benefactor Schafter 2010 Mercedes Benz S400
Dundreary Admiral 1999 Lincoln Continental
Emperor Lokus 1997 Lexus GS
Schyster Oceanic 1959 Imperial Lebaron
Schyster PMP 600 2006 Chrysler 300C
Ubermacht Oracle 2007 BMW 7 Series
Ubermacht Sentinel 2005 BMW 325i
Willard Marbelle 1970 Mercury Grand Marquis
Willard Wilard 2010 Buick Lacrosse
Schyster Greenwood 1990 Chrysler Fifth Avenue
Willard Elegant 2011 Buick Regal
Ocelot Panther 2009 Jaguar XF
Enus Super Diamond 2009 Rolls Royce Phantom
Grotti Penetrator 2006 Maserati Quattroporte


Make Model Year Real Life Variant
Albany Broadyway 1953 Cadillac Eldorado
Albany Esperanto 1979 Cadillac Deville
Albany Buccaneer 1984 Chevy Caprice
Albany Manana 2002 Cadillac Eldorado
Bravado Alpha 2004 Dodge Stratus
Declasse Sabre LS 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo
Dundreary Virgo 1979 Lincoln Mark V
Isundai Euros 1998 Hyundai Tiburon
Maibatsu Thunder 2007 Honda Civic
Schyster Bravura 1993 Chrysler Lebaron
Sentinel XS 2005 BMW 325I Coupe Vapid Peyote 1966 Ford Thunderbird Vapid Fortune1992 Ford Thunderbird Vulcar Beatnik 1966 Volkswagen Beatle Sports COUPE



MakeModelYearReal Life VariantAnnis Elegy 2003 Nissan Skyline Benefactor Feltzer2002 Mercedes Benz R129 Invetero Stinger 1992 Chevy Corvette Invetero Coquette 2006 Corvette Zo6 Vapid Uranus 1996 Ford Probe Windsor Windsor 2007 alfa Romeo Spider High Performance Sports Cars


Make Model Year Real Life Variant
Bravado Banshee 2009 Ferrari California
Dewbauchee Super GT 2005 Aston Martin DB9
Grotti Turismo 2008 Maserati F450
Ocelot F620 2010 Jaguar XKR
Pegassi Infernus 2003 Saleen S7
Pfister Comet 2001 Ruf 3600s
Vapid Bullet 1969 Lamborghini Miura
Muscle Cars


Make Model Year Real Life Variant
Bravado Ruiner 1987 Dodge Daytona
Bravado Buffalo 2006 Dodge SRT-8
Bravado Tampa 1971 Dodge Dart
Classique Stallion 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado
Classique Majestic 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
Declasse Vigero 1986 Chevy Camaro Iroc-Z
Declasse Sabre 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo
Imponte Dukes 1969 Dodge Charger
Imponte Phoenix 1983 Pontiac Trans Am
Willard Faction 1987 Buick GNX


Make Model Year Real Life Variant
Benefactor stretch E 2007 Mercedes S Stretch
Dundreary Stretch 2008 Lincoln Town Car
Enus Cognoscenti 2011 Bentley Continental
Mammoth Imperialist 2005 Hummer H2 Stretch






Civil Service



Make Model Real Life Variant
Albany Romero 08 Cadillac DTS Hearse
Bravado Hotdog 69 Dodge A100
Brute Mr. Tasty ***Brute Boxville
Brute Ambulance Gmc Ambulance
Brute Bus Orion V CNG
Brute Newsvan ***Declasse Burrito
Brute State Truck GMC Topkick
Brute Recovery 98 Chevy 6500 Tow Truck
Brute Streetsweep 06 GMC Steetsweep Husky
Dane Coach Greyhound 255
Declasse Laundromat ***Declasse Buritto
Dinka Delivery *** Blista Compact
Isundai Ripley Tatra t- 813
Isundai Air Tug -
MTL Trashmaster Mack E-Z Pack Goliath
MTL Firetruck Pierce Dash
Vapid Prison Bus 79 Bluebird Bus



Make Model Real Life Variant
Brute Mover 68 International Loadstar
Dane Loader Kubota M4500
Dane Harvester Massey Ferguson 9790
Dude Backhoe Case 590 Super L
Dude Cement Truck Mcneilus Revolution
Dude Dumper Caterpiller 797B
Dude Logger Western Star 6900
Dude Cherry Picker 03 Freightliner fl112
Karin Forklift Daewoo G20e-3
Rennier Grader Galion Road Grader
Rennier Tractor John Deere 7220
Rennier Skidsteer Case 420
Rennier Dozer John Deere 544G
Heavy Trucks



Make Model Real Life Variant
Brute Boxville Ford Stepvan
HVY Biff Kenworth t800
HVY Roadtrain Mack Titan
HVY Juggernaut Peterbuilt 359
Isundai DFT-30 01 Isuzu FVR
Jobuilt Phantom Peterbuilt 379
Jobuilt Linerunner Kenworth W900
Maibatsu Mule 99 Isuzu Elf
MTL Tanker Mack R-Series
MTL Flatbed -
MTL Packer Kenworth K100
Vapid Benson Ford f-350
Vapid Yankee Kenworth T-300
Recreational Vehicles



Make Model Real Life Variant
Bravado Journey 75 Winnebago
Brute Itinerent 02 GMC Sunseaker
Declasse Hotring Racer -
Dinka Quad Bruin 350
Karin Caddy Yamaha G29
Peligro Go cart -
Peligro Vortex -
Rennier Kart Johnd Deere JPX Gator
Rennier Mower Cub Cadet Lawn Mower
Schyster Bloodring Bangor 60 Plymouth Savoy
Vulcar Camper 69 VW MicroBus



Make Model Real Life Variant
Bravado Patrol ***Bravado Buffalo
Brute Enforcer



International 4000
Declasse Police ***Declasse Merit
Declasse Ranger ***Declasse Rancher
Mammoth Barracks -
sh*tzu HPV 1000 -
Steel HOrse Police Bike -
Vapid Cruiser ***Dundreary Admiral
- Predator -



Make Model Real Life Variant
Declasse Taxi ***Declasse Merit
Maibatsu Cab ***Maibatsu Vincent
Schyster Cabby ***Vapid Minivan
Vapid Taxi ***Dundreary Admiral
***** Aircraft, Bikes and Boats Coming Soon!!!




Car Customization






Seating Stereo Panelling
  • Style
  • Colour
  • Upholstery
  • Bass Boost
  • Subwoofers
  • Style
  • colour
  • Style



Exhaust Spoiler Window Tint Lights Hood Scoop Vents SideSkirts Bumper
  • Chrome
  • Grille
  • Body Kit
  • Bumper Sticker



Intake Rotors Nitro



  • Raised
  • Lowered



Wheels Rims
Mod Shops:



Shop Specification Description
CAUCAS All Vehicles
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Wheel Cover
  • Floor Mats
  • Air Freshener
Junkyard Auto Parts General Vehicles, All
  • Half Price
  • No Guaranteed Color Match


Pay -N- Spray General Vehicles, All
  • Engine
  • Body
  • Guaranteed Color Match


Custom Tire General Vehicles, All
  • Tires
  • Rims
Transfender General Vehicles, Selective Full Vehicle Services B+F Tuning Ricers Full Vehicle Services Wheel Arch Angels Street Racers
  • Engine
  • Body



Performance Auto Works High Performance Sports Cars All Vehicle Services


Midwest Custom Cycles Motorcycles
  • Body
  • Intake









Radio Stations


Radio Stations: You can now toggle between the AM and FM frequencies by pressing the L1 Button while in vehicle. The left or right arrow will change the radio station, and the up or down arrow can be used to adjust the in car radio volume.


Am Frequency Stations –



user posted image

A Conservative Talk Show where people call in and Rant about what is wrong with the Country.

Programming Includes:


Right and Wrong


Guest stars include: a sixteen year old prostitute, a liberal congressman,

an ex- Amercar worker, an executive from Maibatsu Corp,and an illegal mexican

immigrant name Juan and a homosexual man. a talk show discussing the issues: Abortion, The Economy,

joblessness, imports, immigration and civil liberties.


The High Life

Guest starring rapper Madd Dogg who talks about his large republican sponsored tax break and an

executive from Burger Shot. the high lifeis a show that points out the inequalities of the middle class

vs. the upper class and the various lifestyle differences.


The Convenient Truth

A show sponsored by the Karin Corporation about Climate change and how you can pitch

in by buying a Karin Dilletante Hybrid which is ultimately contested by the subject of the

Dinka Homage being brough up, bringing on a heated debate.




Bible Talk Radio


user posted image


Genre – Talk

Host Eli Garrett

Bible Talk Radio is a string of bible story teachings, altered to fit the will of Eli Garrett, A Corrupt Minister more concerned with raising funds for a new condo in vice city than for the Lord.


North Central Public Air


user posted image


Genre - Talk

Programming Includes:


The News hosted by James Matthews and Annette Thiessen


Statewide news which changes as you progress throughout the game


The Willies Hosted by Robbie Ray and Earl


A show following two rednecks who hunt for deer but accidentally shoot a man, graffiti a patrol car and then piss on it before being chased off and Tazered, buy alcohol for children, smash an atm to get money to support their drinking habit, drink and drive, give incorrect

directions to passers by, steal road signs, steal lawn ornaments and otherwise raise havoc.


The Danger Zone hosted by Logan Michael


A show featuring people who perform stupid

and dangerous stunts simply for amusement which usually end tragically


Neighbors Watching Neighbors: Hosted by Betty Johnson


A show featuring a neighborhood

watch with people spying on their neighbors and the things that they see



World Access Radio with Zadok Zakaria


user posted image


Genre – World Music and Talk

Join Zadok Zakaria, an Australian Jew as he travels the world learning about the cultures of others, often through music.


Track List


Hampa Hatiku - Ungu ft. Iis Dahlia

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih - melly ft. Amee

qi li xiang - Jay Chou

Ling - Alan Kuo

faye wong - Miyuki Nakajima

veat - harel skaat

lifamim - elisete

vamos a bailar - paola e chiara

dus bahane - kare le gayi dil

fanaa - dekho na

idya banana - joseph garakara

padayut listya - jurij shtunov

zabud - shatunov yura

music - dushi band of aruba

wuhanhua - ktr-flow




Symphony FM


user posted image


Genre – Classical and Opera

Host – Vincenzo Medicci – A fast paced Italian man


Track List


four seasons - vivaldi

symphony no. 9- beathoven

concerto no. 3 - johan sebastian bach

volare - pavorati

orage - jean-phillipe rameau

arise ye spirits of the storm - thomas linley

king christian - Jean sebelius

symphony op.xvii - Abel

hallelujah - Handel

requieum - mozart

fantasie impromtu.66 - Chopin

walking in the air - Aled jones

pokarekare ana - Hayley Westenra

sleeping sun – nightwish

Only Time - Enya

sempre libera - natalie dessay

celeste aida - franco corelli

Far away –Libera

Time to Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

Je Crois Entendre Encore – Georges Bizet

Black is the Colour – Nina Simone


Spectator Central


user posted image


Host – Derrick Thackery

A sports commentary channel. Listen to sports being played against VC, SA, LC, Carcer City and others




user posted image


Genre – Bluegrass

Host – Leroy Helmesly


Track List

Cabin on the Hill - Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt

Blue Moon of Kentucky - Bill Monroe

Angel Band - Ralph Stanley

Bluebirds singing for me - Lester Flatt

John Deere Tractor - Larry Sparks

Rank Stranger - Sammy Adkins

Did she mention my name - Mac Wiseman

Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Steve Martin and Earl Scruggs

Heart for the HIlls - Blue Maggie

Sunny Side of the Mountain - Jimmy Martin

Lost to a Stranger - Hylo Brown

Cripple Creek - Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt




user posted image


Genre – Reggae

Host – Lucille Armand


Track List


Lady - Wayne Wade

18 and over - cocoa tea

informer - CocoaTea

freedom fighters - half pint

land lord - half pint

one blood - junior reid

hot long time - jah cure ft. jr. reid

wham dem feel like - cham

murderer - sizzla

Chichiman - T.o.k.

hills and valleys - buju banton

think twice - donna marie



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FM Radio Stations:






user posted image


Genre – Alternative / Grunge

Host – Jasper Hastings - A man whose on air rants include warnings of impending doom, Alien Abduction stories and conspiracy theories.


Track List

Bleed -Scarred Sanity

Mistake - Serial Joe

Come As You Are - Nirvana

The Death Song -Marilyn Manson

Pencil Fight - Atomship

Suffocating - Lifer

Everlong - Foo Fighters

Superman is Dead - Our Lady Peace

Jeremy - Pearl Jam

f*ck It - Seether

Semi Charmed Life -Third Eye Blind

River Of Deceit- Mad Season

The One -Tantric

Adams Song -Blink 182

Everyday Superhero -Pacifier

Too Bad -Nickelback

Go Home, Get Stoned -Hinder

Terminal -Dark

How to save a life- The Fray

Feel Good Inc. -Gorillaz

Sex and Candy -Marcy Playground

Would -Alice in Chains

Blue Orchid – White Stripes

Month of May – Arcade Fire

Strawberry swing – Coldplay

Catch Me – Ohio Avenue

The great question – Matt Romero

You’re gonna go far kid – Offspring

Lifeline – Papa Roach

The royal We – Silversun Pickups

Riptide – Sick Puppies



The Rift 88.5


user posted image


Genre – Metal

Host – Damien Marsden - believes he is the spawn of satan.


Track List



Thunderkiss 65 -White Zombie

Freak Gasoline Fight Accident -It Dies Today

Rebirth of the Temple -Silent Civilian

The Worst is Yet to Come -Still Remains

A new Beginning -Threat Signal

Like Light to the Flies- Trivium

Nemesis -Arch Enemy

The Darkest Nights- As I Lay Dying

This Calling -All That Remains

Archetype -Fear Factory

Refuse/Resist Sepultura

What makes us tick- Biohazard

Gravity -Shattersphere

Hate Me- Children of Bodom

White Skull- Etzel

Blood Pigs- Otep

Tastes Like Kevin Bacon -Wrestled a Bear Once

One- Metallica

Arms of Sorrow- Killswitch Engage

No Trace of Shame- Ulysses Siren

The Fun Palace- Annihilator

Black Tears- Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Trial by Fire -Testament

Asgard -White Skull

Sleepwalker -Nightwish

Undying- Demon Hunter

What Drives the Weak -Shadows Fall




user posted image


Genre – Modern Country

Hosts – Sadie Rae - She's as down home as they come. she's not dumb, shes just simple.

Randy (AT night) - He's a family man who loves his whiskey, his guitar and driving his truck.


Track List

Remind Me - Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley

Love dont run - Steve Holy

Won't be Lonely Long - Josh Thompson

Last Night again - Steel Magnolia

I Wouldn't be a man - Josh Turner

Tomorrow - Chris Young

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away - Justin Moore

if i die young - the band perry

Back to december - Taylor swift

Need You Now -Lady Antebellam

Eight Second Ride- Jake Owen

Red Light David Nail

Country Boy -Alan Jackson

Kiss Me or Not - thompson Square


Rockefeller Rap Radio


user posted image


Genre – Modern Rap

Host – Shaniqua James - An Afrocentric black woman.


Track List

Last man Standing - Papoose ft. Gudda Gudda

Universal Mind Control - Common

Wake up Everybody - The roots

Def Surrounds us - Dj Shadow

Super High - Rick Ross

Death of Autotune - Jay-Z

Fast Lane - Bad Meets Evil

its brat - Da Brat

aint thinkin bout you - Bow wow ft. chris brown.

Boom - Snoop Dogg ft. T. Pain

Kush - Dr. Dre

Shutterbug - Big Boi

perfect day - Jim Jones

That Street Life - Styles P

haha slow down - Fat Joe

you be killin em - Fabolous

Walk these streets - Rakim ft. maino

Gimme Dat - Ciara

Im on Patron - Paul Wall

shaolin vs. wu tang - Raekwon

Otis - Kanye West

Headlines - Drake

keep floatin - Mac Miller


Ozone 94.7


user posted image


Genre – Classic Rock

Host – Lazlow - Complains when people call him a "hasbeen"


Track List



Hell is for Children -Pat Benatar

Subdivisions -Rush

Midnight Rider -Allman Brothers

Carry On My Wayward Son -Kansas

Crazy on You -Heart

Flight of Icarus - Iron Maiden

Refugee- Tom Petty

Don't Fear the Reaper -Blue Oyster Cult

Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf

Teenage Wasteland -The Who

Cat Scratch Fever -Ted Nugent

Ziggy Stardust -David Bowie

Simple Man -Lynyrd Skynyrd

Roxanne- Police

Walk This Way -Aerosmith

Black Dog -Led Zeppelin

Boys of Summer -Don Henley

Hold On Loosely -38 Special

Shot in the Dark- Ozzy Osbourne

Love Hurts- Nazareth

Burn in Hell -Twisted Sister

Sweet Child of Mine -Guns N Roses

Only the Young -Journey

Crazy Nights -Loudness

I Don't Believe in Love- Queensryche

Forever Young- Rod Stewart

I Can't Drive 55- Sammy Hagar

No One Like You- The Scorpion

Big Love -Fleetwood Mac


Faith 97.7


user posted image


Genre – Christian

Host – Isaac Smith


Track List


Testify to Love -Avalon

Beyond Belief -Petra

You Raise Me up -Josh Groban

In the Light -DC Talk

Lead Me On -Amy Grant

Close Your Eyes -Abandon Kansas

Anticonformity -Krystal Meyers

Gone -Toby Mac

I'm Not alright -Sanctus Real

I Can Only Imagine -Mercy Me

Shout to the Lord -Hillsong

zero- Hawk Nelson

Carry Me Down -Demon Hunter

Whispers in the Dark -Skillet

Be My Escape- Reliant K

Radiator -Family Force Five

How Much -Mandisa

Only Hope- Switchfoot

Revelation -Third Day

Cloud Nine -According To John

Who Am I -Casting Crowns


Emo 98.3


user posted image


Genre – Post PUnk / Screamo

Host – Taylor Pattinson - "Cut my wrist, and black my eyes! GOD i love doing that!!!"


Track List


Ohio is for Lovers -Hawthorne Heights

Monsoon -Tokio Hotel

A Lifetime -Better Than Ezra

Helena -My Chemical Romance We Sleep Forever -Aiden

Congratulations, I hate you -Alesana

Until the day i die -Story of the Year

Solemn October -Suicide Pact

The Night Will Go As Follows -Spill Canvas

Silver Bullet -Hawthorne Heights

All That I've Got -The Used

Decode- Paramore

Sugar We're Going Down -Fallout Boy

Face Down -Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I Write Sins not Tragedies -Panic At The Disco

Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance

Die Romantic -Aiden

Life On Standby -Hawthorne Heights

Miss Murder -AFI

Covered in Scars -Fall From Grace

Dawn of the Fall- Silverstein

Noise and Kisses -The Used

Liars and BattleLines- Rookie of the Year

Emily - From First to Last

Mu Empire -Glassjaw

Tilting the Hourglass -Alesana

A Boy Brushed Red -Underoath

Blue Burns Orange -Hawthorne Heights


Gold 98.7


user posted image


Genre – Golden Oldies

Host – Long Wong SU - angry Korean Man desperately trying to bridge a culture gap


Track List


Turn Turn Turn -The Birds

Mr. Bassman -Johnny Cymbal

Sweet Little 16- Chuck Berry

Stay -The Zodiacs

Earth angel- The Penguins

Duke of Earl- Gene Chandler

Mr. Sandman -The Chordettes

Mashed Potato Time -Deedee

In the Still of the Night -Five Satins

Papa Oom Mow Mow -The Rivingtons

Barbara Anne -The Beach Boys

Sound of Silence -Simon and Garfunkle

Be my Baby -The Ronettes

Why do fools fall in love -Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers

Good Golly Miss Molly -Little Richard

Shake Rattle and Roll -Joe Turner

Hound Dog- Elvis Presley

Always and Forever -Heatwave

Stand by Me -Ben E. King

Last Kiss -Wayne Cochran and the Cavaliers

Dancing in the Streets -Martha and the Vandellas

Cool Jerk -The Capitols

Yakety Yak- The Coasters


PX 100.3


user posted image


Genre – R&B

Host – Donnie Wu


Track List

Bartender - T-pain

Please Don't Go Away - Brown Boy ft. Melissa Luahan

Do You Remember - Jay Sean

Pyramid - Charice

Be With You - Akon

Lay it down - Lloyd

Buttakupp - Baby Bash

superhero - Chingy

Lay it down - Usher

Cookie Cutter - Pretty Ricky

Medicine - Marcos Hernandez

hey baby (drop it to the floor) - Pitbull

Love Rollercoaster - Mims

Obsessed - Mariah Carey

One in a million - Neyo

Love the way you lie Pt. 2 - Rihanna

Baby - Jagged Edge

Last Wish - Ray J

Ridin Solo - Keith Sweat

Empire State of Mind pt. 2 - Alicia Keys

Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce

Overboard - Justin Bieber ft. Jessica Jarrell

Novocaine - Frank Ocean

One night Stand - Keri Hilson

Where you at - Jenifer Hudson

Take Me Away - Keyshia Cole



Static 103


user posted image


Genre – Electro-Pop

Host – Lia Steiner


Track List


Everytime we Touch -Cascada

Be My Lover -La Bouche

You make me feel (mighty real) -Sylvester

We Like To Party -Venga Boys

Let the Music Play -Shannon

Push It -Salt N Pepa

Runaway (if you want to survive) -Real MCCoy

Missing -Everything but the Girl

Blue -Eiffel 65

Different Kind of love Song -Cher

Walk On Water -Milk Inc.

Surrender -Lunascape

Emotion Electric -a guy called gerald

Here with me -Dido

The Well -Soma Sonic

Close to you -Fun Factory

Never gonna give you up- Rick Astley

Axel F -Crazy Frog

One More Time -Daft Punk

Where do you go -No Mercy

What is love? -Haddaway

This is your night -Amber

Cruel summer (UK Version )- Ace of Bass

United -Prince Ital Joe ft. Marky Mark

Big Love -Pete Heller

Never alone -Brothers on the Fourth Floor

Anything -Culture Beat

Tonight is the Night- Le click





KISS 106


user posted image


Genre – Top 40

Host – Lukaas and Andee


Track List


Super Bass - Nikki Minaj

California Gurls - Kate Perry

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Rolling in the deep - Adele

Blow - Ke$ha

Im on One - DJ Khaled

f*ckin Perfect - PINK

lighters - bad meets evil

Dynamite - Taio Cruze

I like it - Enrique Eglesias ft. pit bull

Love the Way You Lie - Eminem and Rihanna

Dj Got us fallin in love - Usher

Cooler than Me - Mike Posner

smile - Uncle kracker

G6- Far East Movement

Eenie Meenie - Justin Bieber fT. sean Kingston

Just a Dream - Nelly

Animal - Neon Trees

Airplanes - b.o.b.

Black and Yellow - Wiz Khalifa

Replay - Iyaz

OMG - Usher

BulletProof - La roux

Rude Boy - Rihanna

need you now - Lady Antebellam

Breakeven - The Script





user posted image


Genre – Classic Soft Rock and Soul

Host – Raymond Stewart


Track List


I honestly Love You- Olivia Newton John

Careless Whisper- George Michaels

Feels so Good -Chuck Mangione

One on One- Hall and Oates

What A Fool Believes -Doobie Brothers

I don't know much - Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt

Love out of Nothing at All -Air Supply

After All -Cher Ft. Peter Catera

Mandy -Barry Manilow

Babe- Styx

Pina Colada -Rupert Holmes

Human Nature -Michael Jackson

All or Nothing -Bryan Adams

We've only just begun -The Carpenters

Her town Too -James Taylor

As-Stevie Wonder

What's Love Got To Do With It? -Tina Turner

Songbird -Kenny G

Time Love and Tenderness- Michael Bolton

All Night Long -Lionel Richie

Lady Marmalade -Moulin Rouge

Edited by darkplague
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Nice Original Concept. Looking good so far

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this does seem quite original, compared to a few posters we had withing the past few days *coughAnyman1337*cough


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Not bad at all icon14.gif


Keep working on it though smile.gif

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Logo and some other graphics are a bit shabby, but this has great content and potential, good job! cookie.gif


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thank you all...its been a work in progress for quite some time lol

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Logo and some other graphics are a bit shabby, but this has great content and potential, good job! cookie.gif

Thank you smile.gif and...if you think thats shabby...wait till you see the map i'm working on! lol ...all i have is paint.net, so its not exactly optimum...but...perhaps i'll go for a new logo and redo some things after i get this all up and formatted...believe it or not...theres still a lot of content i haven't gotten to put up there yet lol

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Other than the Pine Street ni**ers part, this is a nice concept. icon14.gif But I can't help but feel like you've posted this before... Deja vu I guess.

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Other than the Pine Street ni**ers part, this is a nice concept. icon14.gif But I can't help but feel like you've posted this before... Deja vu I guess.

well, black people use the N word all the time, and that gang is based on a real gang...small time, of course, but...they're called the PCN the middle initial is the word Creek, the last one is the N word and i don't remember what creek they called themselves after...and yes, i have posted this before, although then it was "Rockefeller State," spanning Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois...however, when i origionally posted it i didn't realize there was a limit on pictures...so, based on the above amount of pictures, you can understand i was pretty angry when i couldn't put everything i wanted....so i left for a while, reorganized, trimmed the state to just one city and its surrounding area, trimmed the Cars by about 1/5, got rid of some radio stations, and made Logos for them and came into a far better understanding of formatting on this site and use of BB code...i think anyone who saw the old version could say, this is far superior... not perfect...but better...

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Other than the Pine Street ni**ers part, this is a nice concept.  icon14.gif But I can't help but feel like you've posted this before... Deja vu I guess.

well, black people use the N word all the time

No, no no no no no no no no NO!


Black people use the word "nigga", not "ni**er". "ni**er" is offensive to black people.


Other than that, the rest is good.

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Other than the Pine Street ni**ers part, this is a nice concept.  icon14.gif But I can't help but feel like you've posted this before... Deja vu I guess.

well, black people use the N word all the time

No, no no no no no no no no NO!


Black people use the word "nigga", not "ni**er". "ni**er" is offensive to black people.


Other than that, the rest is good.

yes, i know that, i understand the distinction...but u have to understand, the PSN aint a bunch of home boys, like the 3rd street gang, hell they aint even ballas, these guy are destructive people, consumed by hate, and they call themselves as such, to emulate such an attitude.... now they don't necessarily call EACH OTHER by the ger ending, and when referring to the gang in game, it would mostly be known as the PSN, but on graffiti and other stuff, they will be known by the ger ending...im not racist, and im not a hater or anything, but i do understand characters and characterization ...but i suppose i could change the name on the thread to simply the PSN, since it seems to be the chief criticism i receive here...

Edited by darkplague
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Awesome graphics, looks like an incredible amount of work. Good job.

Banned, now stay the f*ck out
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The Story needs more detail, on who burned down his house and in general.

i'm working on it lol in regards to who messed up his place in carcer...well, you would already know that if it wasn't for GTAF's picture limitations lol i could tell you right now...but im thinking the whole suspense thing could be good lol

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Awesome graphics, looks like an incredible amount of work. Good job.

Thank you smile.gif yes, its taken quite some time lol and thank you smile.gif

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Don't double post, but anyways, I made these logo's for you if you want.


user posted image





user posted image





user posted image





user posted image





Each has different slight changes, use the one you like the most icon14.gif



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OMG! blitz....you are just awesome, you know that? thank you... icon14.gif


i didn't realize the double posting was an issue... it won't be a problem anymore smile.gif

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A good read so far, this is a pretty original concept. I'm waiting for the missions.

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Spaghetti Cat

I like how you did the vehicles in tables


that must have taken forever!

No Image Available

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I like how you did the vehicles in tables


that must have taken forever!



hahaha yes it did take FOREVER! that was my least favourite part of it really, and i still have all the indsutrial and heavy vehicles to add!




A good read so far, this is a pretty original concept. I'm waiting for the missions.


Sad thing is, i had most of them written out once, on a different computer, but i don't have that computer anymore...so its all from scratch again sad.gif

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  • 1 month later...

What do you think of the Map? should i keep going with the vehicle links or do you prefer the other way, how i had listed all the vehicles and their real life variants? i started using links to pictures because it takes up less space. thinking about compacting the radio stations into two columns of tables, set side by side, so it would be two or maybe even three radio stations next to each other, and would take less space...whatcha think?


more missions soon...sorry, i've been kinda slacking on that ...

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this does seem quite original, compared to a few posters we had withing the past few days *coughAnyman1337*cough

whos Anyman1337?

user posted image
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  • 3 weeks later...
this does seem quite original, compared to a few posters we had withing the past few days *coughAnyman1337*cough

whos Anyman1337?

from what i've read in different places on this forum, it appears to me that he was someone that took information from other threads and claimed it as his own.

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