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Anyone from Everywhere

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Sorry if this is on the wrong topic, My first post here. Description is copy and pasted from the mod link.




This is a mod noone I've seen has submitted.


This mod brings ANY ped from ANYWHERE to ANY DISTRICT, with ANY cars.


I'm talking about you will see a MIXTURE of celebrities, clubers, dockmen, beach people, country, desert, ANYWHERE, driving ANY car ''known'' on SA that peds drive tounge.gif


Oh yes! and pedestrians all show no fear, they may run , but many will shoot and others will leave car and shoot, any nearest gunshot.


Type ''foooxft'' to give players weapons, its Fun (:


UPDATE: At the moment I can't get Xfire to run on SA, but only SA:MP tounge.gif


Anyways the files are 100% safe and THEY DO WORK. You will be amazed by how many ped's (different peds too) spawn and varieties of cars spawn.





-Best Regards, tmavs04



EDIT: Also figured out that there are some beta peds walking/driving aswell. tounge.gif


Btw there WILL be peds driving rare cars like forklifts, (really wacky driving) baggage handlers, caddies, (golfers) some BIG trucks and this weird small car used at docks, (dunno the name of it though)BF Injections and MR.WHOOPIES!


Download (Soon Coming and Enjoy): http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=16889


Videos: http://www.xfire.com/video/49969c/





Edited by tmavs04

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