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GTA V first trailer exclusively in Theatres?


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What would you do if the first trailer for GTA V would be exclusively, but very temporarily, released in Theatres? Obviously, it would be a very short time exclusive. Maybe a week, weekend, days or even not that exclusive at all and released almost at the same time on the internet. I would go ECSTATIC if it were a surprise in the cinema lol.gif But even if the buzz were all over the internet I would probably go to the movie where it is being promoted. Unless it would be a very bad movie tounge.gif


I vaguely remember there was an animated Matrix short promo for The Animatrix DVD in Theatres with the movie Dreamcatcher. Anyway, would you like to see the first GTA V trailer in Theatres?

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well even if it were released in theaters luckily there are video cameras and youtube so everyone can see it if they wanted

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