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ENB Screenshots and Artwork Thread (Part 1)

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i see bonerhooker u leave ur love - bugatti for ferrari?  lol.gif

Black_D nice as always smile.gif


actually i have that f12 for a while and i have been posting screens about this car...

about these pics, i took them like 2 weeks ago and i just post it here right now...

it's just a coincidence that someone post the car and i post the pics of F12 at the same time... lol biggrin.gif

No matter where from u got f12, the thing is u fall in love with ur buggati and now veyron is sad becose of ur f12 screens . U better watch out ur cars cos jealous bugatti is much more expensive than ferrari biggrin.gif

Lol biggrin.gif

I'm gonna feed my Bugatti with some bagel so he won't be jealous anymore wow.gif

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If someone wants to exchange vip models, pm me

lol.gif bLOW THE LID OFF THAT sh*t!



AND IF THEY DON'T HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT JUST GIVE 'EM WHAT YOU HAVE MAN. Or get reported mofo. (just kidding) lol.gificon14.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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