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[SA] Smoke effects=fps drop/speed effect=annoying


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Do u have some knowledge about modding the gtasa effectts??


i mean when playing singplayer and u drift with cars and u go fast, so the speed effect start to give he's effect but in sa-mp u don't get that effect !!




can u tell how do i delete it at singleplayer mod using TXD Workshop??


and WHEN U OPEN "EffectsPC.txd" u find lots of smoke pics . question= wich one is the car smoke pic ?? (Need a Name)


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The car drift smoke is in the particle.txd named "collision smoke".


Also, deleting it will take a lot of bad side effects to the game like crashing. I had never deleted my effects on it.


It is also a smoke when you hit the wall with car and many particles used on this texture. If deleting don't crash your game, it will remove some particles which were used on it!


So, tweak it at your own risk.

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You can make transparent texture and replace all particles.

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